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:: Friday, 16 December 2005 ::


Banging on about wogs in school and missing the point entirely that violent, thuggish intimidating Muslim Leb behaviour in Sydney is why this whole problem has begun to start with.

I mean, check this out:

It is almost an iron law of Australia today that the children of non-English speaking immigrants are better educated than the Aussies and Poms; that women of all backgrounds generally are better educated than men; and that wog women sit at the head of the class, outperforming not just the Aussie boys and girls but their wog brothers as well. The possible exception are Lebanese girls. They don't eclipse Lebanese boys and are slightly behind Australian girls.

So how do these facts square with your gut call? Does it mean Lebanese are less Australian than, say, Greeks? Or is the bigger story here not the attitude of some Lebanese boys to Australian girls but the cultural handcuffs their parents place on their Lebanese sisters?

Yes, Muslims Leb Australians are less Australian overall than Greeks Australians. The Greeks do not form gangs to threaten intimidate and upset skips.

No, the bigger question is not Leb culture, it is the behaviour of Muslim Leb violent thuggish jackasses.

Jeez, why is a wog like Megalogenis apologising for these jackasses? He hates Howard, the imbecile.

Try this:
But a few hundred boys behaving badly can't provoke the headline "race riot" on their own. The public reaction spells confusion and anger with Howard's Australia, not comfort and relaxation. The question that needs to be asked is: Why, at the 15-year mark of a boom, does everyone appear to be so grumpy again?

Okay, slowly for Georgie, cos he's Greek: because of the Muslim Leb violent behaviour that folks are sick of, and the Muslim Leb inability to apologise when they are in the wrong.

That is why George.

He has more, but. Brace yourselves:
Our leaders exhort Muslim clerics to tone down their language so impressionable young minds aren't tempted to become a suicide bombers. But they don't see the link between Anglo mobs bashing men and women of "Middle Eastern appearance" and the terror cards they play against Australians of Muslim faith.

Anglo mobs? Plural now, you see, when there was just one incident last Sunday afternoon and days and days of Muslim Leb "retaliation" for the shit they started. Bashing? Who? How many? Barely any, and not nearly as many folks as Muslkim Leb violent gang thuggery has assaulted and battered over years.

Here is George's analysis of Howards mistaken priorities:
...look carefully at what Howard has been doing differently on immigration to all his predecessors, Labor and Coalition.

First, Howard turned the [immigration - ed] intake on its head by giving more than half the spots to those with skills. That meant goodbye to the blue-collar wogs and their grandparents, because the family reunion component was also wound back. Second, Howard removed the zealousness from multiculturalism. Finally, he slashed public funding for higher education during the late 1990s.


These are the mistaken priorities of Howard's Australia. The individual is celebrated over the community. The entrepreneur over the wage slave. The worker over the shirker. Private schools and hospitals over public systems. Skilled immigrants over the misfits from the existing intakes.

And this explains Muslim Leb thuggishness that makes sane people hate their Muslim Leb violent thuggish guts?


Like it explains all the Italian and Greek thuggishness too. Cos you know, we are all such troublemakers, there are often 5000 folks turn up of a Sunday to protest our behaviour.

Cripes, eh?
:: WB 10:13 pm [link+] ::

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