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:: Thursday, 15 December 2005 ::


I bin watching the SkyNews this morning and they have repeated reports that, get this, bus and carloads of wogs - Italians, Greeks, Lebs and Serbs and Croats - are coming in to Sydney this weekend for some hot antiskippy action at Cronulla Beach.

Ya right.

Numero Uno: The only wogs on buses are old women going to work at the factory and kids who do not have their driver's licence yet. Okay? If they are comin' they are comin' in cars. With spoilers.

Due: Italians do not like nasty Muslim Lebs enough to fight their battles with them, and I will wager the same goes for Greeks or Serbs or Croats. No-one likes crazy Muslim Lebs - they are the frickin' troublemakers who started all this stuff.

Tre: Since when do Serbs and Croats eva spend time together without gettin' in a fight between themselves? That ain't a bus I wanna be on.

Quattro: Italians and other wogs, except for a nasty bunch of Muslim Lebs, do not have any record of pack rape where their families refuse to accept guilt when the evidence is overwhelming, and they do not have a habit of smashing car windows and going berserk, except at World Cup time, which is once every 4 years and, c'mon, you gotta be able to live with that kind of infrequent steamlettingoff. There is nothing for them to identify with when it comes to Muslim Lebs.

Now this kind of reporting is evidence of racism - cos it ain't all wogs that are the problem in Oz.

It is crazy Muslim Leb wogs.

Full stop. Ho detto tutto.

Can we just stay on point here, and stop infantilising them?

They should be top blokes. Or, more to the point, they should not be jackasses.

Lord knows the Christian Lebs rock.


The closest I got to finding this report in print - cos the SkyNews website is really not good stuff - is this from NZ.

And note, no mention of buses. Nothing on RomeoMike either...yet I guess.

I mean "buses". Puhlease.

This report from the ABC talks about increased police presence in Cronulla this weekend but does not mention the wog influx.

It does, however, mention the typical Muslim Leb excuse making for the crazies in their midst, "unemployment, alienation" blah blah blah, zif the residents of Cronulla and Maroubra have to give vulgar dickheads jobs.

And, natch, the ABC mentions this:

One man gave the case of a friend's son as an example of why the problems exposed this week are deep seated.

"He said my boy, 12-years-old in the school - he's great achiever. His name is Ahmed. He came home, he said to his dad - 'I want to change my name' ... he said 'because everybody hate me in the school, nobody wants to talk to me'," the man said.

Mate. He's 12. He's a wog. It would be weird he did not want to change his name.

That is part and parcel of the wog experience when you are young. I will bet young Ahmed is embarrassed of his dad if he has the little cap on and the robes, and his mum's in the hijab or the jilbab or the burka or whatever.

Jeez, he is prolly embarrassed to always have garlicky sausages for lunch.

O man. This really makes my blood boil.

Life is Oz ain't that hard that you got no choice but to smash up cars and behave repulsively towards women, which is what the Muslim Leb crazies did to start all this frickin' violence in the first place.

I'm doin' it....


Ya see that, Keysar Trad and you bunch of whiney wogs? That is me having a fit over how youse just will not accept that youse have a problem in your midst, it is a bunch of crazies, and it is your job to fix it. Ya always whining about someone doing something to your folks, not giving youse respect and not being noice and friendly and shit. And ya bringing Ahmed into it when he is 12 - I do not believe he was smashing any cars or hitting up on the bikini girls.

You get liked cos you're good to be with, Ahmed.

And if you reckon your name's a problem, don't lose it, just anglicise it - that is part of the wog experience too. It ain't "Giuseppe" in Oz. It's "Joe". It ain't "Francesco" it's "Gino". So maybe "Ahmed" is "Artie".

You know?

And, listen, mate, that does not make you any less of a wog. Alright?

It just makes it easier for the skips and you to understand one another.

And plus mate, skippy kids seem interesting, ya know? Like you wish you were skippy, all tunacasserole and mezzanine floors where the bedrooms are and beige everything.

But we all know their mums really cannot cook. So relax. You're winning.


Calm down skippies, do not get drunk and rampage on me. I am kidding.

Man, this stuff really is just mental, eh? I mean. Oz.


Absolutely top threads on this topic at Daily Ablution and Harry's Place about this.

UPDATE 2: RomeoMike's got it. No Croats. But still buses. And the only quotes supporting the influx of wogs is from a solitary Leb. Money down, no Italians.
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