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:: Sunday, 29 January 2006 ::


Faced with a voting choice between venally corrupt Fatah party, with its Islamic Jihadi fellows of its "militant" (ie congenitally violent and retarded) wing, and the filthily violent death obsessed Hamasses who do not have a "militant" wing, cos they are all insane in the membrane, and a choice of abstaining in large numbers to protest at the lousiness of the choices on offer, the Palestinians have exercised once again, their unerringly sense of crap, and they have elected Hamas.


Now, one might get the impression from the tone of the foregoing that I have little or no time for Palestinians.

One would be correct.

So, if you want to read people who care check this and this (keep scrolling cos this is Oxblog and the bloke is actually in the Palestinian territories talking to folks who matter).

Me, my take is simple. The first rocket launched into Israel will now officially be an act of war. Because the Palestinians actually resoundingly voted for the party that will not recognise Israel's right to even exist and instead bangs on and on about the "resistance" and blah blah blah, you know the self-pitying drill.

So the lobbing of the rockets will be "state-sanctioned". No more hiding behind "oooh, militants".

And that means Israel can retaliate thoroughly, without too much guilt. After all, you know how Hamasses are always banging on about no Israeli is innocent because they all go in the army and blah blah blah?

Yeah, well, 70% of voting Palestinians just voted for Hamasses, so the Israelis can reasonably point at them and say they are none of them innocent either.

If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, it is that Hamas might just have to recognise Israel's right to exist, which would be a substantive lurch into reason and thinking, if it wants to get any EU and US funding. And it will want to cos the whole place is apparently a filthy toilet of fake jobs in the public service, such as it is, so there is no actual economy to speak of.

I have always taken the view that the Palestinians could learn a lot from the Italians. Italy lost the Istrian peninsula to Yugoslavia after the WWII. The Italians from that part of the world still remember it as Italy, and it still looks like Italy too.

But there were no Italian refugee camps, set up afterwards. And the Italians who left did not slaughter any Croatian Olympians, nor have they clogged up the UN with interminable whining about past "injustice".

This Hamassy vote is great cos it was a vote, and peaceful on the day by Palestinian standards. But the outcome - she is disastrous, no?

But not for the West, as Paul McGeogh in the SMH would have us believe, with his relentless negativity about democracy in the ME. Ya gotta read his stuff. You can see him clearly. Lemonlipped and pointless in all his observations.

The vote is great, the outcome is shite, for Palestinians.

They are about to see their international support dry up as the true Hamassy representatives start doing what they do best - banging on about the Joooos, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and demanding Israel disappear, sticking the headscarves on the girlies and giving the Christians a hard time.

Even the EU will get the shits with that.

Swear to God, the Palis should have abstained from voting.

Urgh. When, oh when, will a decent Palestinian stand up and unequivocally recognise Israel's right to exist, recognise the right of return is a fiction, and apologise to the world for the Munich Olympics, the Achille Lauro and every other disgrace acted out in the name of Palestinian "liberation" and fourth, and most important, pledge to Palestinians that they can enjoy a popular international reputation that is not based on victimhood, but on genuine liking and respect for their goods and services, and tourism etc.

I imagine there are folks like that in the Palestinian territories, and maybe even they stood for election. I hope lots. But I reckon they're quiet on account of all the Hamasses, cos goodness knows, Hamass loves to shoot folks for being "collaborators" with the eveil Zionist entity.

And Hamass is in power.

Urgh, again eh?

:: WB 4:07 am [link+] ::

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