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:: Sunday, 22 January 2006 ::


No link, I am afraid, but the Daily Tele on Saturday ran a letter that has left me gobsmacked at the sheer gaul of the bird who writes:

For 11 years I have been denied a university offer to study veterinary science and achieve my dreams.

Wha'? Denied an "offer". Offers are not compulsory. You have to make the grade to be in with a shot of getting an offer. You can only be denied if...

Oh dear.

Apparently I am not smart enough despite being a zoologist, a veterinary nurse, an animal research project manager, an animal welfare lecturer and gaining a 94.4 TER.

The entry to veterinary science is academic based and 98.45 UAIs are considered the best possible candidates.

Apparently you're not.

Atchally, wait just a minute, MistaLookSoGood. Zoology? What is that zoologists do a lot of? O ya, shovelling shit, and watching aminals rut. Noice skills for the vet stuff. Oh yeah. I would trust my pure bred labrador to her.

I mean, what a whiner.

Sit the exams you actually need to pass to get into vet school and this time, study hard and actually get the grades you need for your "dream". Sheesh-o.

I want a University entrance scheme based on commitment and dedication to the profession...

What chance is there for a little Aussie battler who just wants to be a vet?

Wha'? "I just want to be a vet?" Cayuhbuhleevi?

She has not made the grade, literally, and yet she has the stones to be able to demand an "offer" from a Uni to become a vet. A freakin' vet - the hardest gig in academic showbusiness? Harder to get into that med school and law school. Cos the patients don't talk. Vets makes more money than God, cos the Good Lord knows a person with a pet is a person wildly in love and prepared to pay anything for help. Never mind the vets of the horse racing industry, bull breeding etc. Money for jizz.

What faculty in their right mind would let her in with her attitude of "it's my god given right to be offered what I want on a plate even if I cannot actually get in the way everybody else in the course gets in"?

In fact, given her supernovasized ego it is a wonder she does not demand to be "offered" the position of Vet of the Frickin' Century, even without the degree.

Maybe I am being harsh. Maybe she has the skills necessary, what with her being an "animal welfare lecturer" and all...

Look, she has a dream and all that, Fine. She wants some credits for her actual work and her commitment. Not unreasonable. But not making the grade? Blaming the system? Come on.

See folks who think the world owes them what they want even when they do not fit the criteria of what is needed, and who demand that everything get lowered to let 'em reach even though it is them that's too short to get they wanna go should really Gi Fa.

This bird would be the exact sort to whine if she did not get actually hired as a vet, having finally done well enough to get into class.

What chance is there she will learnt o pull her head in and focus on achieving her goal without claiming it is the system that is failing her instead of her failing the system?

Zip, I reckon.
:: WB 4:02 am [link+] ::

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