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:: Monday, 11 September 2006 ::


Choke on it, Osama.

Right, having proved my "stones" (...ahem.. so to speak...and not that I had much choice in the matter - I want the glory of law public speaking, I gotta take the free flights where and when I can get 'em) I can now get down with the proper memorial program befitting the digusting murder of 2996 people for no reason 5 years back.

Martin Amis is apparently quite the wanker. Orunno. He looks like one. But, apart from the tedious aethiest's conceit of lecturing us all not to believe in God, he nails a bunch of stuff about Sept 11 in the Observer that is really worth reading.

He reckons Muslim men need to start treating their women equal.

Yah, fer sure.

The men and the women, but, need to recognise that Israel is a State and not going to disappear, that the Holocaust did happen and there is nothing to 'debate' about, that poofs are people, that music and dancing and figurative art won't kill you, and that Osama and Nasrallah and Sadr and Khomeini are nuts. Nutbags. A few Roo's loose in the top paddock. Some sandwiches shy of a picnic. Firing on no cylinders. Dumb as boxes of hair. Not chic. Not civil. Not clever. Lousy lays. Madmaniacal jackasses.

Gonna happen anytime soon? Not if the West just gets all introspective.

What is the West to do?

Argue with every Mad Muslim we come across. Call 'em out for being crazy.

Me? I am getting a car shortly. A very sporty car. With no top...the car, that is, fiancee, so stop worrying.

And I am driving it into the Caliphate.


And straight the heck out again, natch.

Atchally, my "stones" being quite small, I am driving it into Southern Spain, beloved Al-Andalus of stinky Al Qaeda. Not sure I am going to encounter too many Mad Muslims. Hope I do not encounter any. Hope I do encounter fine folks who are okay with the the women and the Jews and the poofs. And the tapas and the sherry.

Anyhoo, you can choke on all that too, Osama.

Out doodles.
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