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:: Sunday, 17 September 2006 ::


Thank Jeebus for the power steering on the Mazda cos it took me about elenteen attempts before I was able to release him unharmed from the holding pen he was stuck in last night. It was an early start, natch, but I did deign to enjoy a croissant and a cafe for petite dejeuner this a.m with my hotelier host who seemed much more cheerful this morning than he did last night. Don't know what might have changed between the night and the morning, but I am reminded somehow to record that I did go past a town called Fouqueveille. Whatever.

So, sunshine, all setting of the earth, and much enjoyment on the French radio that I finally managed to get sorted on the Mazda this morning, as I motored along. But it seemed every few kiometres I'd enter a really dense mistyfoggyness that required a slowing down and a putting on of headlights. On and off, fast slow, quite a bit of effort. The saving grace being some kind of communist radio station, I am certain.

The announcers were blathering in superfast French but I could make out "communist", "apparatchik", "salope bourgeois(ie)", "Trotsky", then they played the Internationale. if that ain't a red radio show orunno what is. I mean, 'The International'? Urgh. What a freakin' durge, eh? You ever want an explanation for the loss of the Cold War, just consider the music. No sentient being could bear the soundtrack of the commies.)

Got into Bordeaux early afternoon and made my way immediatement
to the Cathedral
where some Monsignor was getting ecumenical ordination, so lovely signing and cameras everywhere. Noice.

Bonus exhibition of lovely old cars

nearby made for a pleasant afternoon of walking about, til the rain came. It's a wonderful big historic town, well preserved, very clean, easy to get around. Fabulous. Then it was back to very comfy hotel for some fabulous white wine and "Les Simpsons" on the telly, the latter which is, to be blunt, a travesty of an injustice. Really. There are no words. Not even the wine can make it better.

Time to restez. Out doodles.
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