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:: Sunday, 24 September 2006 ::


Five and a half hours of windiness up high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, leaving Capileira and getting to Murcia quite late. That was my day.

Here is the Mazda in Capileira.

All along the way I took many many of my traditional low quality but 100% enthusiastic road snaps but it ain't easy at speed on tight roads.

Many blind turns.

Superfun. All 2nd and 3rd gear flat out high revs all the time. I seriously recommend this drive for any petrolheads in good sporty cars because
how can you not have fun when the road ahead is all like this?

The pics cannae do it justice. Just imagine a climb up so high as you drive that your ears pop - twice. Imagine turning left and right over and over, changing gears, getting queasy from all the poving around, and smiling the whole time.

Atachally, I can think of one non-fun thing that could happen to you on this drive. It happened to me. You could lock in to a Spanish radio station that played...well, I will just come out and type it.

I have never heard Jethro Tull's Aqualung before. It is like Zappa. But without the humour.

Sitting on a park bench, eyeing.... Urgh.

I think I know a barrister who went to see Tull two times when they played Melbourne not long ago. Hmmmm.

In any case, from the Spanish I could make out, I would say that announcer has a high opinion of Tull, so mebbe I need to give it another chance.


Anyhoo, Tabernas is north of where I got out of Las Alpujarras, in the Almeria deserty bit of Spain and Tabernas is where Sergio Leone made his "Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo", "Per un Pugno di Dollari", "Per Qualche Dollari in Piu" and one of my all time favorites with Rod Steiger and James Coburn "A Fistful of Dynamite".

Spaghetti Western territory, complete with cheesy 'western hollywoodland'. Saw it from the road. No offence, but I drove on by.

So, into Murcia for rest - check in check out - with the road beckoning all over again next day. One more stop in Spain.

Out doodles.
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