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:: Thursday, 24 May 2007 ::


What started as a fascinating show all about what oil is and how it got discovered duly descended into the usual alarmist rubbish that makes me want to jump in my car, gun the motor and drive it round to Tim Flannery's house and leave it idling there for hours and hours.

Some insufferable wanker UK boffin thinks that maybe lots of CO2 the oceans will die, clogged with hydrochloric acid or some such awfulness. Because of the gorbal woaming. Just like the dinosaurs. Only worse...because the gorbal woaming in the dinosaurs time happened because of volcanic eruptions whereas gorbal woaming now is happening because people like cars and flying and plastic and pills and oh, isn't it awful.

What is it with this persistent hysteria about the climate? Why do greenies hate individual liberty and modernity so much? After the Crude show there was a Catalyst episode that was so stupid it is hard to describe, two idiot women from Melbourne got their neighbours together to sit in the sand and spell out "Halt Climate Change Now!".

By which they actually mean - everybody else do whatever the climate change zealots like Tim Flannery say you have to do but me, I am going to sit here in Melbourne in my nice waterside home with my 4 kids and my inlaws who have flown out here from the UK, cos I am into empty gestures and pretending to be green.


The Lateline had Tim Flannery, wanker extraordinaire, on, his very good self, naturally sneering about the ABC's proposal to screen 'The Great Global Warning Swindle' documentary. And, being the ABC, they have to discredit the show as much as possible and they get on rolled gold cretin George Monbiot, a man who is startled by the sunrise and startled by the sunset...on account of how sun is warm. Aieeee.

Natch, Flanners refers to the IPCC report as if it was just flawless and fabulous and natch, Tony Jones fails completely to question or challenge Flanners in any way shape or form. He really is a woolly headed waste of space. Sigh.

Why is the ABC such a joke?

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