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:: Sunday, 20 May 2007 ::


Have not been moved to blog much these past months, but right now on "our" ABC is a show so stupid, so up itself, it makes Bastard Boys look like the frickin' Godfather Trilogy.

It is the brainchild of Richard Dawkins a teevee show called Root of all Evil? with his hand on his cock and a convenient question mark at the end his loathing statement about faith.

Natch, he opens with an attack on Roman Catholics, slagging the Pope for not saying "youse should all fuck a lot just be sure to wear a condom."


....how much of a spazz and idiot do you have to be to have in your tiny mind that the Pope should encourage profligate fucking. I mean, The Pope.

The Pope, fer Chrissakes!

Anyhoo, I digress.

So, natch orf goes intrepid Dawkins to Colorado Springs in the US to talk to some big toothed white pastor about how clever he is (Dawkins) and how evolution is best and how evolution is not being taught enough in Colorado Springs schools....or something.

Not a Black Baptist church in sight of course. Cos Reverend BigBlackGuy likely deliver a whooopin' on ol' Dick Dawkins's ass, don't you know.

And if there is one characteristic of the insufferably vain thinker who is an atheist too, it is that they always attack folks who will never ever hurt them. Piss Christ, Dung Mary etc etc.

Only ever the ones that will not hurt.

Back to the show, though, after the big toothed white Yank preacher we get a brief discussion of NY, London, Madrid (natch, our Richard forgets Pennsylvania and Sharm-el-Sheik and Riyad - remarkably sloppy for a scientist isn't he?. Pah.)a mealy mouthed ref to Muslims hatred of reason and then we're orf to Jerusalem for some mockery of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch.

What pisses me off a heap about this idiot is his repeated statement "in my naivety" and "I just want to understand" as if he has no loathing for the subjects.

Richard Dawkins is another in a long line of intellectuals who think their dicks and brains are bigger than anyone else's and who either pity or straight up hate people who think differently to them.

He has found one Muslim to talk to, who is a raging nutbag...and get this, I can hardly stop laughing, the Muslims is an ex-Jew from NY! Way to go Dickyboy. you really nailed Jerusalem's problems with that interview.

Money down this wanker will not be making it to Saudi to talk to any genuine mufti madman about how they will not any kuffar in to see the meteorite inside the Mecca rock.

And natch, Dawkins is a bicycle rider.

I'll wager he thinks he's closer to God than anyone else - not that he would ever call it that - so much smarter, so much kinder, so much more loving or at least so much less hatey.


He hates. He hates with the spittlemouthed hatred of every religious loon that ever was and will be. And he hates history too - we have just had the boring atheist trope about belief in faeries and unicorns and Aphrodite and Thor, as if any of those things ever came close to being the genesis (oooh, look a religious concept, run for the hills, i must be a wog redneck) for brilliant art, architecture and engineering, and literature in the way that Christianity has been.

How is it possible to not appreciate even a little bit the miracle - oops, religious language again, bad unintellectual Wog - of regliosu devotion as exercised by Christian Europe and mostly Renaissance Italy?

Another of Dawkins's stage tricks is his pathetic straw man - 'reason is under attack' arguments. Pathetic. The only unreasonable thing I heard on the whole show was Dawkins suggesting the Pope should spruik for more fucking but with condoms.

That's just nutbag crazy.

Ahhh, why does it exercise me so? Because I know a bunch of atheists. Common characteristic, vanity. When they get to thinking that somewhere, someone is having a bit faith and maybe even hapyclapping and enjoying it, well, good heavens, we cannot have that, eh? It's always Giant Mind Atheist to the "rescue" to bring everybody down.

I mean, really, how can they even appreciate music? There is no 'reason' for music. None at all. But my oh my how it heals the spirit.

The spirit.

Which we all have.

Cos God gave it to us.

Out doodles. Not sure if this sudden burst of bloggy energy is likely to be kept up.

UPDATE: Part 2 of the show aired Sundey 27 May. 10 minutes of slagging Jews and the rest slagging Christianity. Oh yeah, Richard Dawkins has balls of steel, going after the only religions who will never ever hurt him. It was breathtaking in its narrowness and its fear and lathing of religious folks who just get along. he talked to a woman who had been a member of a cult. A cult, fer chrissakes. How many of us have ever been subjected to that sort of abuse? Not many - but old Dickie Dawkins, with his "scientist" hat on natch is sloppy and lazy extrapolating out his wazoo about how every one of faith is a victim of a cult.

Honestly, it would be perfect for Dawkins to pen a new book: it could be called "I, a Scientist" and the cover art could be him, sitting lazily on a chair with his hand firmly on his cock. After all, what is the point of wandering the planet and slagging what other folks believe? Really, what is the point? I mean, does he imagine people with some kind of faith in their lives do not find it challenged all the time? Do not ask themselves questions all the time?

Honestly, how deranged with hate do you have to be to think that other people cannot think?

The man is a yellow bellied ass. The day he goes marching up to a Black African Christian, Muslim, Animist or Baptist, any Muslim or a Sikh, a Hindu, one of them Haitian Voodoo folks, a Jamaican Rastafarian, basically anyone who isn't a white Christian or Jew is the day I will believe the man is actually an aethiest.

As it is, Dawkins is not an aethiest, seems to me.

He's just a cunt of a bloke.
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