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:: Sunday, 7 October 2007 ::

What Would Whitlam Do?

Robert Manne on the telly this past week addressing an assertion made by Paul Kelly, of The Australian that public intellectuals in Oz are up themselves and idiots with HDS = Howard Derangement Syndrome.

Way to counter the assertion, Bob:

There is massive discontinuity in the area of what I would call culture, in the area of let's say, foreign policy, in the area of multiculturalism, the question of industrial relations and Indigenous policy, in the question of new things like the war on terror and the question of global warming. These massive public issues, the Howard Government has - and we have to take them one by one - has not been continuous with the tradition of Australia since Whitlam but discontinuous in the cultural area.

This is where the serious debate lies. If we take global warming, I think the Government has been disastrous because it has worked with the Americans against the only way the crisis can be handled, which is by international unity and by coming together to work together, the idea of voluntary solution, each country making its own decisions.

These are the kinds of issues I think the Government, the Howard Government, and we are all trying to second-guess, history will be found to have failed disastrously.

Yeah? You see it?

He's such a lemon lipped turd of a thinker, let us paraphrase to get to what he really means, this 'deep thinker' this 'public intellectual':

I like Whitlam. He's my friend. I like him and his wife. I like him. And he likes me. Things now aren't like when Whitlam, my love, was the Emperor.....oops, better say something that is not mired 40 fucken years back.....um, war on terror, global warming. Oh, and America sux.

Jesus wept.

And tonight there was Manne again prattling his utterly incompetent world view, on the other taxpayer funded broadcaster (no bullseye link I am afraid) natch:

Pria speaks to Robert Manne about the erosion of democracy in this country, and the stifling of information which results from the media duopoly.


I am sorry. Just had to spit up at that. The "media duopoly" has never been so irrelevant in Oz. I am on the internet. A lot of Oz is. My daily media intake consists of Oz online media, American online media, British online media, Italian online media and blogs.

We are all voting. There is no 'erosion of democracy'. Manne, like most muddle headed oldies, thinks criticism and being ignored amounts to an erosion of democracy.

When he drives around I expect he thinks the sun is following him.

SBS, being the tv wogshop in Oz, goes further than the skips at the ABC, as wogs are natrually given to conspiracy theories.

So, we get:

Governor General Major-General Michael Jeffrey admits that there is a "fraying around the edges" of democracy in Australia.

"Admits"? Puhlease.

And this:

Pria observes that democratic debate is being suffocated due to the current government silencing dissenting voices like the ABC.

"Observes"? Observes, as if it is a given? Observes what? Observes no one gives enough of a damn to do anything about him. That is what.

It is this paucity of thinking by folks all over the media, like Manne and who think like Manne, I presume, that Paul Kelly was trying to capture last week. Not online yet, I don't think. Try here in due course. But Kelly is simply too polite.

We are dealing with retards here.

And the problem is worse than Kelly suggests, because retards attract retards, as if they recognise a shininess in one another. And plus it's intergenerational. To whit, I happened to be reading "Lawyers Weekly".....yes, well, moving on, it is a work thing....and the editorial is written by a young lass.

A young lass with shit for brains.

In the name of this democracy that [Ruddock] says we have, people should be able to speak out and discuss topics without members of the government criticising them for it."



First she thinks Oz is not a democracy, i.e "says we have". I mean, gi fa.

Second, she thinks elected members of parliament should themselves be quite silent and should decline to engage with those members of the electorate, like her, who criticise the government. I mean, seriously. The people we elect to lead the country, and to explain themselves and justify themselves all the time because we elected them. Them. Those folks. They have to shut up so the wanker retards can talk up a bullshit storm, listening to one another and feeling great about the echo.

Get. Far. Away.

Natch, they never will. The prattling will continue. Cos why?

Cos they got HDS. A dread rash of the brain preventing synapses from connecting after 1975 or while any Liberal government is in power.

:: WB 5:16 am [link+] ::

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