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:: Sunday, 18 November 2007 ::

Another comedy triumph from Annabelle Crabb

This time ridiculing Julia Gillard for her inability to just be straight with people. Say what you like about Howard but he'll happily confess to having an ideology that leaves people alone to get on with their own lives. Neither Gillard nor Rudd can even bear to expose to expose their ideology that insists on government interference in people's lives.

Last week of electioneering.

I am not a cynical person. I am a glass half full, take people as you find them kind of voter. And I find Rudd is a smarmy school principal disapproving matron kind of person. The persed lips. The no mates. The never answering simple questions. The too many words about Howard. The "plans" and the "committees" instead of straight actions. Urgh. And Gillard is just embarrassing. A leftie idealogue who's energy goes in to not showing her true colours, with a crap speaking style who'll be the head of the country when Rudd's away. Like that Helen woman in New Zealand. And Swan is just D-grade. Garrett is laughable and Roxon is 12 years old and up herself, incredibly. Also, Maxine McKew.....what does she stand for again?

Of course being Italian, I have a well developed Machiavelli gland that releases pounds and pounds of political views and scheming and long-game manouvering to me.

Politically I want LibNats to get up because I can see labor is just a bunch of idiots with a fast learning curve they would have to endure if they won, but with obviuously no will to learn cos they are so idealogically set in their stupid 1970s ways (and no, broadband is not un70's. It's just a fancy phone line.)

But they have Senate, so if labor wins, which I guess is likely, then whatever.

And even if Labor won everything outright, sure it would be shit for the country for a bit but Oz would survive. It is Labor people like Gillard banging on about Howard smashing Oz into submission. He hasn't. We don't submit. Things will be okay - although Labor will fuck up the economy - they cannot help themselves.

Urgh, eh? Whatever.
:: WB 12:56 pm [link+] ::

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