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:: Saturday, 19 April 2008 ::

Nuclear was not mentioned

[NOTE: Link is to The Age's roundup.

The Sustainability stream of the 2020 summit. It appears to have a consensus to ignore nuclear energy as a sustainable future energy source. Seriously. But this cannot be right, can it?


Gonna just let this thing go on and comment later in the week cos this process, day 2, is absurd. The Health stream has just proposed taxing fags, junk and grog to fund ...something about ....oh, who cares. How utterly predictable to tax those things. And they want a traffic light system on food - red, amber and green. Why not skull and crossbones on burgers and fried chicken? Sheesh.

I reckon these folks are sincere - not just in Sustainability but every other stream, I mean, who would bother to go to Canberra if they were not? But really, there has not been a genuine fresh idea yet and this thing is winding down.

Get this, from the Sustainability stream:

By 2020 all Australians will have the tools to measure their carbon footprint.

What is this then? A frickin' bump on a log? I got it offa a google seach for 'measure carbon footprint'. We got the tools already. We hardly need 12 years to develop and implement this.

This is what has made me so "angry". The people at this thing are earnest but they seem to me to have little to no idea of how my world works, by which I mean how the actual world works and what it has to offer.

Another example - some fellow earlier just getting interviewed somewhere in Parliament house, said by 2020 his idea was that we would be able to send Australians to study in Asia.

Why would we want to "send" anyone anywhere? What worldview leads someone to think it is a good idea, an aim, for this country to be treating its citizens as foodder to be moved around at the government's will? Well, I think we know the answer - it is a hardcore fascist worldview dressed up as a lefty mush that really cares about "engaging" with Asia and does not actually care a whit about individual Australian's liberties. (And no, drug use is not a liberty, if any of youse were thinking that. It is illegal and it is rubbish and you do it around me, I will shop you to the coppers, friend or stranger, as soon as look at you. First rule of criminal behaviour, peeps. Never do it front of witnesses unless you are sure they on your side. On this issue, I am not a witness who's on your side. Doubtless there may be some in your life, but not me. Whatever, I digress.)

What worldview leads someone to think it is a good idea, an aim, for the Australian government to interfere with people's decisions about what food they eat by sticking a big red light on certain food? A nanny worldview that just has to interfere.

Anyhoo, time to cheer up a bit, eh?

Here are some Australians doin' stuff that make me happy.


UPDATE: Ooops, Made the mistake of hanging in for the Creativity & Arts stream. Youse will never guess what their ideas include. Lots of funding for, get this, "indigenous and settler stories".

What? No wog stories?

Oh yah, that will work in 2020.
:: WB 5:34 pm [link+] ::

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