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:: Wednesday, 30 April 2008 ::

Obama down another 2 points in North Carolina

Man, we are living in interesting times. I am a happy wog living in the best country on earth - Oz, natch - and watching the U.S.A have one heck of a big ol' discussion about race, whether some folks want to realise it or not. Atchally, the discussion is about black grievance whining of the Reverend Pussy variety in an age when it has been 140 years since slavery ended and 40 years since segregation ended.

The 'discourse' such as it is does not seem to be going too well for black folks. Which is hardly a surprise given what a charlatan and nutbag ol' Rev. Dr. Pussy is and the fact he is the fellow who is getting this 'discourse' rolling.

I find the apologia for his black-centric idiocy, whether it comes from blacks or whites, pretty impressive, in an unscaleable-wall-impenatrable-force-of-stupidity kinda way. I mean, no other group in the US was enslaved as blacks were. So blacks are unique and it is a godawful uniqueness. But then there hasn't been a slave in the US for 140 odd years so the uniqueness is irrelevant. No other group was singled out for segregation laws like blacks so that is a uniqueness and it is also godawful. But then segregation ended 40 years ago. Every other group in the US has been singled out for prejudice in some form altho' no other group had to endure the cretinous and murderous Klan, so blacks have a definite and godawful uniqueness again there.

Truth is, but, time passes and in 2008, in fact for the last 40 years, blacks are not any more oppressed than any other ethnic group in the US.

The Italian community gets along and it has been stereotyped for yonks as a bunch of goomba-crotch-grabbing-mafiosi-types and excluded from polite white society. The Asian community, as broad as is it in the US, has managed to get along well too, stereotyped as it is as a bunch of weird-food-eating-nunchuckin'-swots. Heck, even the Mexicans seem to get along stereotyped as gang-member-low-riders-who-eat-too-much-corn.

Blacks can be angry about their history Stateside - why not? Good grounds, seems to me, if you can be bothered keeping it up 40 years after the event. But, leaping from anger to lunacy is plain ol' lunacy at the end of the day and, like Andrew Sullivan, I think it does not deserve any patience or politeness and should be called out and challenged head on.

Obama does not seem to be that challenger. He "can no more disown Wright than he can the black community".

And his 15 point lead in North Carolina has been halved. Fascinating.
:: WB 8:51 pm [link+] ::

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