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:: Monday, 26 May 2008 ::

Never Fear, Adams Here

That gallumphing sound you can hear is Phat Phil Adams riding to a bloated "rescue" of Creepy Bill Henson of photos-of-nude-children-in-the-dark fame.

Phatty admits:
"...there’s little doubt that among those who crowd his exhibitions, camouflaged by sophistication of the setting, are pedophiles. (Of course, the high arts have always aided and abetted voyeurism...."

Great. Henson, must be thinkin' 'with friends like these who the hell needs enemies!'

The Phatty offers this wisdom:
"Having crusaded against what I’ve branded corporate pedophilia for years, Henson is the last person I’d be charging. His esoteric and melancholy photographs for the art gallery elite are not the problem. It’s in mass media that our kids are sexualised, that childhood is shortened and short-changed, rendered erotic for adult fun and profit. Look at the fashion industry’s catwalks and magazines. Or at the ad industry. It’s what we don’t see because we’re so used to it, because we take it for granted, that does the damage."

Adams thesis? Sure, pedophiles like Henson's work. But ads with nude girlies on contracts getting paid and selling stuff are worse. The typical lefty trope. Look over there - see how much worse that is. Pathetic. They cannot reason in a straight line. They cannot just deal with the topic at hand that is wrong.

Henson is the topic at hand. He is a weirdo with a long history of taking pics of naked underage folks and vaselining up the lense and shooting in the dark. I forget where I read it, but someone commented, maybe at Blair's, that Henson's pics would fit nicely in Josef Fritzl's dungeon. Can't say that many ads for knickers or perfume would be doing so.

The best Adams can come up with is not many people have seen Henson's work - and some blather about Lewis Carroll and Peter Pan. Utterly incapable of just admitting that Henson's work is titillating and the con is that he is abetted by galleries presenting those pics as 'thought provoking' - when the 'thoughts' are all about tits and arses and lips that are all underage and cumming all over those tits arses and lips. They just are.

I'll take the ad nakidity every single time. At least ad men admit they are selling something.

UPDATE: Tonight's 7.30 Report has arts wankers blathering away that photos of kids in the nude are....well, they none of them actually address that. Instead it's all the usual arts wankery cry about 'censorship'. And tonight the ABC is screening a documentary about Henson. Greaat. He'll speak about his art and not mention porn. It will be all 'adolescence and crossing to adulthood and blah blah'. Money down.
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