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:: Monday, 12 December 2005 ::



A bunch of Muslim Lebanese jackasses start the ball rolling by standing-over, frightening, assaulting at law, a bunch of skippy whitebreads at Cronulla beach.

"She's not worth 55 years" says one leering jackass to another, standing over a skippy teen in a bikini and her friends, blocking the sun from her as she lies on the sand, in an overt reference to gang rapes conducted by Lebanesers a couple years back.

A couple skippy lifeguards try to get the disgusting assaulting wogs off the beach and out of people's faces, and for their trouble get the crap beaten out of them by said wogs.

A week later a bunch of sober appalled skips, including parents of the girls getting assaulted, who have had enough of the Muslim Lebs giving everyone the shits on Cronulla beach when they've behaved leeringly to girls and threateningly in groups to regular punters, decide to protest the whole lifeguard beating. Off to the beach they go.

A bunch of drunken crim skips, some of whom just hate wogs, turn the regular protest into a running thuggery battle, kick a girl to the ground cos she's wearing the stupid Muslim haircovering, and start hurling rocks and stuff, at folks even ambulances and police, some getting around with Oz flags yelling 'wogs out', by which they mean "Muslim Lebs Out".... or maybe me, orunno, and some assaulting a couple muslim-looking Bangladeshi boys for no reason other than their looks and their embarrassingly hotted up car.

That night a couple carloads of Muslim Lebs react to their brothers having started the whole problem with what happened in Cronulla to the lifegyuards etc, by wrecking a bunch of harmless cars on a street, and I think bludgeon a bloke.

Tonight a bunch of Muslim Lebs go to - not to Cronulla to stand with the local community - not to the steps of Parliament, even, to protest the skippy thuggery -but out to their mosque in Lakemba, just so's we can see where their priorities lie, and there some of them hurl rocks at police watching nearby, and then go orf to smash some more cars and some shop fronts.

And the papers and the radio declare the skippies are engaged in a racist riot?

Exsqueeze me, but it takes two.

And a toxic wog standing over a bikini girl and saying "She's not worth 55 years" is racist pig of a bloke and a misogynist to boot.

Thanks a lot, toxic wogs.

:: WB 5:59 am [link+] ::

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