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:: Monday, 6 November 2006 ::


The cretin has written a 'Film of the Week' spot in the Sydney Morning Herald about the celluloid debacle that is Kandahar. It is screening on the SBS because is is an Afghan movie filmed on location and uses subtitles to explain the language to the Oz english speaking audience.

I have seen it.

Doug Anderson has seen it.

A sentient being watching it will become immediately pro-Afghan Invasion post-Sept 11, if they were not before. Why? Because the film shows the Taliban in all their glory. It is the whole point of the film. The Taliban. The disgraceful men who like loud noises and opporessing women. The Taliban.

What does Doug Anderson write about it?

This will never be screened on the ABC because, like most poeple with a leg missing, it is probably considered biased.

I hardly know where to begin to deal with this sort of cretinism. It is a wog movie showing on the wog channel. The ABC should never run it. Their job is skippy material for skips.

And since when are legless people biased....if that is what he means....?


Orunno what he means. But I think we can all take it as read that it is John Howard's fault. And George Bush's. And blah blah blah blather.

:: WB 11:51 pm [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 4 November 2006 ::

Just caught a section on the Sunday program, all about Muslims Lebanese boys. One of them, a leader type with the flash car and the nice enough clothes said:

"I guarantee, if we were blond, blue eyes, we had a VB in our hands no one would say nothin' to us."

He was talking about getting moved on by the coppers when he and his mates and his cousins and his neighbours, all 900bejillion of 'em, all get together with their cars out at Punchbowl and Greenacre parks.


Typical self-pity. Large gatherings of Oz boys, wog or skip, all hanging out together all with their cars when it isn't the Car Show or a Car ace of some sort, all of them carry an undercurrent of potential violence and someone will call the cops and the cops will ask the group to move along or break up.

Got nuthin' to do with eye colour. So don't take it so personal, Mohammed, not everything is about just you in your skin.

The number plate on his car was "ybcut4". Why be cut for? Why steal or damage my car when the result will be that I will cut you? Nice, huh?

And he wonders why maybe the cops would take a bit of notice of him and his entourage. He thinks the cops would not notice that threat of violence if the car plate was on a ute driven by a VB swilling skip?

Gi. Fa.

Do you hear the welf-pity? "Wah. The coppers always come after us cos we're wogs. I can't help the way I talk, the way I look....my car's number plates...the volume level on my stereo..."


Another one said "hasn't there ever been a Catholic rapist?" or some such nonsense. Translated this means: "So Bilal Skaf raped some Oz sluts, and he arranged gang rapes and he did call out his Lebness when he raped, and his gang were all Lebs and they none of them never showed no remorse at all, so what? The cops and the judge and the Daily Telegraph took too much notice. Theryw ould not have taken that much notice if it had been skippes doing the gangrapes.

Yah. Her thinks the law and the media are not into crime and crime reporting.

Einstein. (I like to call these idiots 'Einstein" cos Einstein was a Jew and money down, these Leb Muslim losers are Jewhaters at the same time as pitying themselves.)

Another one, maybe the one with the car, said something like "I can listen to Hilaly, and Tupac and Nickelback(?) and that's alright, doesn't mean nothin' ".

Now that is interesting. I hope he means "Look, Hilaly blabbing is just a bunch of words at Friday prayers, yeah? And Friday prayers at the mosque is like church - boring and you go for your parents mostly but you don't care, and Tupac records are full of pimping and hos but they got a good beat and they are just records. [I cannot stand Nickelback so I got no clue what they're schtick is....'schtick' is Yiddish. Yids are Jews. I like Jews. Yee.] Just cos I listen to dodgy anti-woman stuff doesn't mean I follow blindly."

I hope.

But I wonder if he means something else. Like maybe "So I enjoy listening to anti-woman Hilaly and Tupac too, so what? It's none of your business."

You know, this Sunday was really dreadful teevee. Incredibly slap dash. They sent in a male interviewier to get a copper on air to say "rape figures are not especially high in the Muslim community" without addressing the fact that Bilak Skaf alone is responsible for making the figures hugely statistically high relative to other wog communities.

The interviewer clearly had a brief not to show anything lousy about Lebs. He did not challenge any of the self-pitying boys on their self-pity and just plain cut off one chubby jackass who was banging on about how women are different and have to look after house and kids.

He just softballed his questions and ignored the obvious openings to challenge them, to engage in an honest exchange of views. He had some good talent to work with - the boys weren't shy, they were talking.

Crap telly.

Three things were good - showing the Punchbowl Leb Muslim boys who walked Kokoda, showing a boxer called The Kid who was offered a spot boxing for Lenanon in the Olympics but stuck with Oz cos he's from Oz and showing a Musliom Leb cricket team having a dry drinks break during a game held in the middle of Ramadan daylight time.

Good stuff. Wogs being people. Having views.

But those spots were literally seconds long.

Tip for Sunday - you are not doing any wogs any favours by failing to treat them as humans with views and hearing them and arguing with them. This show was about victimhood. That is all. That is one dimensional. It should have been about victimhood - deserved and undeserved. Cos that is the friggin' issue of the day. Cos Lord knows, some Leb Muslims are just cunts and deserve ever bit of shit that's piled on them. Skaf deserved his jail time. Hilaly deserves vitriol an ridicule.

Maybe the boys with the cars do not deserve to be moved on the coppers. That we could explore.

But the interviewer should have picked them up on their self-pity. It would not have made the show any less of an up-beat portrayal of Leb Muslim youth. It would have shown them as people.

Whatever. This is an Apple Mac I am typing on and it is truly rubbish - no bvlogger buttons for hot links and it's bin so long between posts I have forgotten the code!

Out doodles.
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