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:: Sunday, 11 May 2003 ::

The Baghdad Museum Disaster

Or Baghdad Media Fiasco

Let this be a lesson to us all.

Bad stuff has happened in Iraq. But not nearly as bad as it might have been. Not nearly as many missing artefacts and manuscripts, not nearly as many civilian deaths, not nearly as many folks without water and power etc etc.

Things are getting better and they were never so lousy to begin with.

:: WB 2:50 am [link+] ::
Howard has spoken to Hollingworth and Hollingworth is standing aside pending resolution of the from-the-grave rape allegations against him



:: WB 2:39 am [link+] ::
Top Sunday post on teeny government vs. the ignorant preciousness of the left.

And, ahem, top compliment paid to me.

Salve, Prof, salve.

:: WB 2:29 am [link+] ::
Top post for subtle yet dripping sarcasm.


:: WB 2:14 am [link+] ::

Top post for vitriol.

:: WB 2:13 am [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 6 May 2003 ::
This is not the beautiful article I was after

But it'll do.

About the British Embassy reopening in Baghdad.

:: WB 4:21 am [link+] ::
Interesting theory

From Michael Totten.

:: WB 3:35 am [link+] ::
:: Monday, 5 May 2003 ::
71 J-Lo's Bum

Now this is news.

:: WB 5:58 am [link+] ::
American democracy is being eroded every day
Boy Emperor
The Nth Korean crisis is all America's fault.
All America's fault.
Not North Korea.
Murdoch is responsible.
No Bush.
No Murdoch, sorry.
Sorry, no Bush. Stay on point.
A useless interview on by Phillip Adams' replacement for tonight or whatever.

God. Stick a crosseyed Republican former drinking Christian in the Whitehouse and watch the left go insane in the membrane.

:: WB 5:53 am [link+] ::
Do not pay attention to the ideology.

Just note the goings on. Employees taking over the running of factories when the owners have stopped running.

It cannot be as simple as Workers' World says because Workers' World is just imbeciles with stupidly extreme points of view.

But what the? Where are the owners? Are their client contracts still running by which the supply still has to be made? Are their suppliers still supplying? If so, who is paying them?

Caught a Naomi Klein piece in the recently about this Bruckman business. First I saw of it.

Hmmm. Warrants further investigation.

If the clients are still there and the suppliers are still in place, and the power is on and the workers are willing to keep it all going, presumably for less reward, where are the freakin' owners? Why shut up shop? What else is there to do? What benefit is there in stopping the thing that you do?

:: WB 4:39 am [link+] ::
Student learns Italian from pet bird.

I cannot add anything to this. But it is news we all need to know.

:: WB 4:23 am [link+] ::
No freakin' imagination.

Greenpeace sucks.

:: WB 4:21 am [link+] ::
This is the rudest car review ever.

And I do not care.

I want one.

A Alfa 147GTA, that is.


:: WB 4:13 am [link+] ::
Oh, That Guy. He's an eediot.

I read this review today. And I thought "I know who this guy is, this subject matter is ringing bells.

Turns out he's the Eric Schlosser who was interviewed on Lateline ages ago, and the reason he was a standout for me was this seering insight that he features in his book "Fast Food Nation":

You know, in all my research for my book, I discovered somehting that really frightened and saddened me. Meat packing workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the world.

I will give you a second to digest that quote.



See, Eric reckons.....who knows? That meat packers should get more - as much as .... what? Who? No one knows. Cos Eric ony whines.

I, and every sane person on the planet, think meat packing is not a skill worth paying much for - it is not actually a skill at all, as anyone who has ever stuck two steaks into glad wrap and shoved 'em in a freezer will know.

It is meat.

Getting packed.

By people.

Who do not need anything to carry out the packing activity. Not sense, not IQ, not EQ, not attention to detail. Nothing.

Butchers are skilled.

Meat trimming is skilled. Meat cutting is skilled. Meat slaughtering is skilled.

And they are paid just fine.

Meat packing is unskilled. And hence it attracts a low rate of pay. God.

Thus nature balances itself, Eric.

:: WB 4:11 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 4 May 2003 ::
Happy Happy

Ferrari one, three and Oz Webber in the points.

:: WB 5:36 pm [link+] ::
Gareth Parker: Fair and Balanced

On Hollingworth. Worth reading.

If you care about Anglicans.

Which I am afraid I really do not.

:: WB 5:26 pm [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 3 May 2003 ::
This is good for wogs

It does not do a single wog any good anywhere to have some compassionate-aggressive jackass assert that he has the wogs' best interests at heart as he champions the crushing of discimination. The same goes for homosexuals and religious folk.

Puplick gone is a boon for us all. He was

His replacement should be me.

:: WB 8:57 pm [link+] ::
Can't see many lawyers stepping up for a discrimination case against this mob, can you?

The Mob, that is.

Gotta love the candour, the frankness, and the honesty, but.
:: WB 7:50 pm [link+] ::
Mad. Wogs.

If you did not catch Yana Wendt's interview with some North Korean guy this morning on Sunday, you really should check it out. She did a sterling job in the face of unbelieveable insanity.

It is a must read interview and it is on line here. Must read because it reveals how insane these people are. Insane.

One topic - the nucelar weapons thing:

JANA WENDT: Let's move on to broader issues. What kind - we have a situation where you have a nuclear stand-off, it appears to be, between your country and the US at the moment. What kind of nuclear weapons does North Korea have, and how many?

KIM MYONG CHOL: North Korea has a nucrear capability. It's quite obvious. North Korea may have minimum 100 nucrear warheads, maximum 300. They all lock onto American cities.

JANA WENDT: Well, Mr, Kim, that means that North Korea breached the agreement that it made with president Clinton in '94, and was busily producing deadly nuclear weapons during that period. Is that right?

KIM MYONG CHOL: No, no, North Korea produced all its weapons before that agleement was signed.

JANA WENDT: All right, well you've just given us a picture of a massive number of nuclear weapons that you say North Korea has. Does it intend to use those weapons if the US does not give it what North Korea wants from the US?

KIM MYONG CHOL: If the US attacks North Korea, North Korea will definitely use those nucrear weapons against the US mainland.

JANA WENDT: All right, there is talk of a possible economic embargo by the US of your country, would North Korea considering using those weapons in the event of an economic embargo?

KIM MYONG CHOL: Yes, definitely. North Korea will use those nucrear weapons against the US mainland if America imposes additional economic sanctions on North Korea.

JANA WENDT: Mr Kim, where were these weapons that you talk about - between 100 and 300, you just said - where were they tested?

KIM MYONG CHOL: The weapons are stored in underground sites. Those are facilities. America has no knowledge of where they are.

JANA WENDT: Yes, but how were these weapons actually tested? Because without testing them you would not know if they worked, would you?

KIM MYONG CHOL: The computer simulation have the kind of job, and also the Pakistanis have done the job for North Korea.

JANA WENDT: The Pakistanis have done the job or the testing for North Korea?


JANA WENDT: When I spoke to the Pakistani High Commission, they told me that your claim that the Pakistanis had done this, which you have made before, is, in their words, "totally wrong".

KIM MYONG CHOL: Of course they must deny that.

Priceless, eh?

Somebody do something about these freaks.

:: WB 7:43 pm [link+] ::
Oh Yeah. This is the face of evil.

And how come these guys are running so fast?

My favorite jack hole's take?

Today is Kentucky Derby day here in the US. I'm no horse race fan at all, with even the Melbourne Cup back home leaving me pretty cold. This morning, though, I got some spam encouraging me to bet on the big race and I'm wondering if these are really the names of the horses:

The favourite, on this list, is Empire Maker. Come on! Then the next two are Ten Most Wanted and Peace Rules. I flicked through the list half-expecting to see one called Saddam's Wasted or Stallion of Mass Destruction (actually, apparently there was a horse called that, but they can't find it anywhere).

The Kentuck Derby is a race for three year olds.

Every horse born in 2000. And named in 2000. Pre-Iraq, Pre-Afghanistan, Pre-September 11, 2001, Pre-USS Cole incident even.

Commission an article from this guy?

What for?

He tries to be funny about Iraq, the War on Terror. He uses a horse race as his base for the funny, revealing his ignorance about horse racing and his general ignorance about funny. He even declares his ignorance about horse racing.

People who do not like the Melbourne Cup should be left out on a mountain to die.

:: WB 7:28 pm [link+] ::
:: Friday, 2 May 2003 ::
Cultural Gap?

The cultural gap between locals and US soldiers runs deep. "We have heard that the Americans' sunglasses allow them to see through our women's clothes," said a man standing across the road from the contested US headquarters. "We are very angry to think that they can see our women naked."

Ahem. Note to Sydney Morning Herald staff and particularly Ed O'Loughlin. It is not the culture of Iraqis to believe in x-ray-specs.

It is stupidity, imbecility, ignorance, with some stupidity spinkles added, okay?


The efforts some skippy writers will go to to be culturally sensitive to a bunch of insane wogs who have just threatened bombings. Bombings against better armed troops.

They are violent imbeciles and they are making a very hard situation worse, not better. Worse. Not Better, right?

It would be great to read, somewhere in a regular paper the following:

The lack of knowledge about even the most simple ideas demonstrated by the violent imbeciles in Falluja is startling. The men actually believe "Americans' sunglasses allow them to see through our women's clothes," and this makes them angry. This is patently untrue but any excuse to get angry is taken. Anger is a happy place for these imbeciles. The men here are pigs. Pigs in the head. Any excuse to keep women inside doing nothing except painting their hands and preparing food and carrying out the nightly blowjob will be taken.

Instead, I have to go to the blogs, eh?

:: WB 5:52 pm [link+] ::
Alternative Universe.

You know who. Dunlop seeeees all, and knooowwws alllll.

:: WB 5:41 pm [link+] ::
Reminds me of "Porte Aperte"

A brilliant Italian film set in Palermo in the '30's about a fellow who one day kills his boss and co-worker, then kills his wife but spares his young son, and he never ever explains why he did it.

Now, the crazed Sicilian in this case did it because he wanted to be the Mayor's chauffeur now now now and he was not appointed to the position now now now.

It is such a stupid reason, it's like having no reason at all.

Violent imbecile, ruiner of lives.

I give the film two thumbs up, but.

:: WB 5:33 pm [link+] ::

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