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:: Tuesday, 30 December 2003 ::

Felice Nuov'Anno a tutti
:: WB 4:51 pm [link+] ::
"Gratefully"? Gi fa.

Berlusconi's EU Presidency comes to an end today. And you gotta read this EU rubbish.

One-eyed? Hoo-eee. You betcha.

His 6 months are up.

He has been unsuccessful in brokering agreement on voting rights in an expanded EU (or successful in supporting the Poles and the Spaniards against the French and Germans - depends on your priorities which way you look at it).

And he has been successful in offending the Germans and introducing some much needed recollection of WWII and nationalist philosophy.

Note in the article how Berlusconi is lambasted for not being evenhanded in the Pelestinian-Isreali thingy. That's an EU position - to be evenhanded. But Silvio is President of Italy. And the Italian position is to side with the Jews. End. Of. Story. They might have killed Christ, but stickin' it to the Son Of God is as aggressive as they've ever gotten, unlike a certain other faith, practised by persons who are not Jews, if you catch my drift.

Church of the Nativity, kids. Church of the Nativity.

Gloves come off.

And notice how he's lambasted for not getting EU consensus following Iraq.


That's Silvio's fault?

It couldn't maybe the fault of the damned French and Germans and Belgies who cannot admit they played a disgusting role in that debate, motivated solely by their anti-American feeling.

God help us, eh?

Dya reckon the Fightin' Irish might get an easier ride?

I do.

:: WB 4:17 pm [link+] ::
If it's from Bologna then one can conclude two things:

Number One, whatever it is, it is delicious

Number Two, whoever made it is a anarcho-communist

:: WB 4:01 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 28 December 2003 ::

:: WB 4:12 pm [link+] ::
Oh it's not him that's won. It's his party.

Still, that's some serious wog stuff going on, to vote for his party, eh?

:: WB 4:11 pm [link+] ::
Finally Windshuttle gets precise and nails it

:: WB 4:01 pm [link+] ::
Fabulist continues to slander country

Tony Kevin is continuing to slander Oz as being ultimately responsible for the deaths of all those poor bastards willingly sardined onto a lousy boat in Indonesia that sank on its way to Oz. He insists that Oz folks were engaged in training Indonesians in 'disruption' activities - by which he means Oz folks taught ignorant Indonesians, with no knowledge of searafaring (cos they're just little wogs, how could they know how to knobble boats?) to knobble the boat so it would sink - and he insists that Oz folks willfully looked the other way while it did sink so there would be no rescue of drowining folks.

That is Tony Kevin's thesis.

Oz folks made little Indonesian wogs knobble the boat and Oz folks deliberately left the poor bastards who'd paid to get on the (unknown to them) knobbled boat to die in the waters between Indonesia and Oz.

The Oz govt stinks, is Tony Kevin's thesis.

Not the Egyptian prick who organised it all.

Not the Indonesians who Kevin thinks actually did the knobbling of the boat.

And the certainly not the poor bastards who should never have boarded the freakin' boat to start with - just Oz.

See, Tony Kevin is like David Marr and like Marian Wilkinson and Robert Manne and Phillip Adams and Alison Broinowski and Carmen Lawrence and Julian Burnside SMD et al - they only give a shit about skippies.

Wogs simply do not feature on their collective radar. Wogs feature simply as a glump of humanity on the ground that needs their help.

"Hi Ho Silver, Away" that is the rallying cry of Tony Kevin. Or more aptly, "There, there woggys, leave everything to me."

He is a fabulist, as Prof Bunyip calls him.

He has not saved a single life, he as not thwarted a single people smuggler from coming to Oz, he has not lifted even his voice to stave off the shitful lies that are peddled by Indonesia and the people smugglers to the wilfully ignorant-illegal entry-to-Oz clientele.

But he ponces 'round like he's saving Oz from a terrible stink.

'This is Oz's Voyager.' God help us.

It is Tony Kevin's windmill.

:: WB 3:43 pm [link+] ::
How thick is Bill Moyers?
:: WB 3:26 pm [link+] ::
Thoughtful stuff from a guy called Phil.

:: WB 3:11 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 27 December 2003 ::
Impenetrable and unscaleable walls of Wogness

Seriously, how can you deal with rubbish like that? 'No aid from you, you Jew'. But they'll gratefully take aid from Oz, and we are not exactly supportive of governments that cannot seem to separate themselves from religion, particularly the Islamic religion. Oz is not exactly Persian-centric in its views of the world, know wha' I mean?

Uberwogs. I'm telling ya.

For more on how damned difficult it is dealing with Arabs - Uberwogs too - read this and weep. It is very long, from Foreign Affairs, and it is all about Saudi.


In Iran, this has been hit hard.

Because it is made of mud. And it is on a seismic line.



:: WB 4:21 pm [link+] ::

Okay, that's enough with the Bellinis and the pasta and the cheese and the Bellinis.

And enough with the blues over first Xmas without Gino.


On to more regular things.

Like this top post at Harry's Place.

And this top Hitchen's post.

And this perfectly written piece by Tim Blair.

And here's some stoopid topiary.

Sadly, lots has gone on over the past few days, none of it blogged on by little me. Badness in Baghdad, explosive malice aforethought in Israel, awful, brutal nature in Iran, less awful but still brutal nature in California, the silence of the Beagle, the downed plane bound for the Lebanon, SARS again, mad cow Stateside, and the second attempt on Mushareff's life.

Enough to make you weep.

Well, that's my excuse. Back at it soon. But for the wog vision, I bin reading that new book Molvania, by the boys from The Panel. I think it's an affectionate pisstake of all things woggy and daggy. And so I declare it a good read, worth a visit to the site.

Not that it has made me smile, you understand.


How, I ask you, can one smile when one actually comes from a zone of the world that actually has Traditional Dress? One cannot. One simply recognises all the crap in one's culture and moves on.

Hope Christmas cheer was had by all. Looking forward to NYE.

:: WB 1:49 am [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 23 December 2003 ::
Buon Natale? Bravo Natale!

Top story.

Now, I am fully aware that the paucity of bloggage here lately has left you people weak.

In the coming days, which I propose to name the "10 days of Wog", I will rectify the problem.

But for now, I gottanother half a panettone to eat (hard work but it has to be done) and then I gotta do some errands. For today, "Wog in the Kitchen" day, I need to get:
Succo di pesca
Penne Rigate
Pino Grigio
and Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Later doodles.

UPDATE: Totally forgot the aglio. P'uh. Anyways, look at this - top camel. And this - top bear.

:: WB 4:06 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 21 December 2003 ::
Rageh Omar is on the BBC teevee right now explaining his work during the Iraq conflict.

Now he is criticising the West's amusement at Comical Ali.


He has just shown footage of him, Rageh, asking Ali this: 'Rageh Omar BBC. There is a battle raging less than a mile away. How do you feel about this?'

How do you feel? Naturally Comical Ali sounded an idiot, in response to a question like that. But that's not something viewers like me in the West need to feel guilty about. That's something Rageh might like to think about.

:: WB 12:38 pm [link+] ::
When a man flees to Venezuela, you know that something about his life is just not right.

:: WB 12:32 pm [link+] ::
Gaddafi wants in

In to a non-sanction, more open trading, vaguely free passage, non-Arab League type life for his country.

Amemba this?

He has wanted in for a long time. And he has moved his position, from handing over the Lockerbie bombers, and paying out compensation to the families of victims of that bombing, to now gazzumping Iran in the nucelar stakes by agreeing to dismantle whatever he's got a la Sth Africa back in the, was it the '80's? I think it was the 80's. Whatever.

This is an objectively good thing, no matter what scheming ol' Muammar is up to. And it is a direct consequence of the colaition's actions in Iraq.

It is an end. Can it be justified by the means?

You bet.

:: WB 12:28 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 14 December 2003 ::
Ladies and gentlemen. We got 'im.

UPDATE: Just seen the footage from the medical examination. Bearded. Long hair. They gave him a haircut and shave, preserving the mustache. He's been livin' on the run. They found him in a kind of hole, with a exhaust fan allowing him to stay safe underground and breathing. God.

:: WB 4:14 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 6 December 2003 ::
Goodness me.

I have just seen Dem Bartlett do a press fronting, standing up against a fence, hanging on to a snivelling kid and saying something like 'personal health problems are not for discussing in public'.

I guess he means alcoholism.

Whatever. Lesson - do not pilfer grog off of uptight skips. And do not beat women, even if they are uptight skips.

:: WB 10:36 pm [link+] ::
Hardliner? Wha'?

I just caught a snippet of BBC world all about the CHOGM business about Mugabe and his madness. And the talking head said something like: There is real difference of opinion over whether or not Zimbabwe's Mugabe should make changes to his leadership in order to stay in the Commonwealth, with hardliners insisting on change.

Cross to an interview with John Howard?

What is hardline about suggesting that the consensus at CHOGM might like to consider telling Mugabe to shape up?

See, what is effectively what is going on here is that a bunch of wogs are circling to protect a mad wog, even though they know full well he's got a couple o' 'roo's loose in the top paddock.

And the skippies are standing round trying not to be insensitive.

The wogs are black Africans and the skippies are the folks who are not black, and some of them are even English who used to be colonialist rulers of the black Africans.

Come on. Stop with the kid gloves.

Mugabe's mad. He's not sensitive.

With any luck he'll withdraw from the Commonwealth, and his country will keep on sliding. And then we'll all be able to say, freely without fussing over feelings, that his black African nation is a basketcase because of his black African leadership.

Then we can get past race and start talking policy.

Which is where we ought to be right now, 'cept racists like Mugabe won't let it happen.

:: WB 9:34 pm [link+] ::
Turkeygate Rubbish

Gweilo Diaries captures the objective truth.

:: WB 9:17 pm [link+] ::
A Motherlode of Goodness

Who knew there was Head Heeb?

And how good does Mahmood sound?

And this Hoder on Iran is pretty fab.

But I do ask, how can anyone not love The Trap'?

:: WB 4:50 am [link+] ::
New bid to ban trade in cat and dog fur

Who dares trade in labrador pelts?

:: WB 4:25 am [link+] ::
Chirac says veils are aggressive

And this Wog agrees with Chirac and abunch of babe French girlies.

Veils are too much.

Too much.

They are not just hair covers. They are head and neck and shoulder covers. They are ugly, no matter how fancy or colourful. They pronounce loudly that the wearer believes herself to be more chaste and therefore a better person than any woman wandering by who is not wearing a veil.

Which would be little me.

Or they pronounce that somewhere there's a bloke who'll beat that woman if she doesn't have a veil on.

Now, check this out. An analysis of why it is Western and feminist to let Muslim women wear the veil and why it is bad to ban the wearing of the veil. And check the comments.

There are some gymnastics at work here, to reason that veils are okay.

They are not just demure dress. They are not like demure crucifix necklaces or discrete Irish rings.

They are more like nuns' habits.

Uniforms for nuns.


A uniform is not a matter of choice. As this article shows.

:: WB 4:22 am [link+] ::
Camus, eh?

A top post from the Beeman. Long and worth it.

On the day when crime dons the apparel of innocence - through a curious transposition peculiar to our times -- it is innocence that is called upon to justify itself. The Rebel (1951)

Camus. Who'da thunk any sense would ever have come from the pen of the bloke who wrote The Stranger about a bloke who has no feeling for anything or anyone and who kills an Arab on a beach. For nothing. Except he of course starts to shit himself when he comes time to get executed for his pointless existential crime.

Lordy, how much I hated that book, what it described, its author, and the whole reading of it experience.

Seems Ol' Albert might be worth a second look.

Good stuff. I like to learn.

:: WB 3:53 am [link+] ::
Travel Tips

From a great hunk o' spunk, as Kath would say.

:: WB 3:40 am [link+] ::
Read this.

Either P.J. O'Rourke or Mike Royko once wrote a piece on how we ought to name sports teams after their city or state's most prominent ethnic groups. So you'd have the San Antonio Spicks and the New York Jewboys and the Atlanta Niggers and the Boston Micks and the Milwaukee Polacks and the New Joisey Wops and the Dallas Trailer Trash. You could have the Los Angeles Entire Third World. Or maybe the Los Angeles Japs, in honor of both kinds. But what would you call the San Francisco team?

Got your interest, right?

:: WB 3:35 am [link+] ::

+++ Al Guardian chimes in with their usual idiocy:

With Silvio Berlusconi tightening his grip on Italian TV, Franco's Spain was more libertarian than today's Italy


Oh please, magic Guardian genie, do take me back in time to Franco's Spain, so I can get tortured and deported, instead of getting bored by endless debates on censorship by people appearing everywhere to claim they're being censored! Oh please let me end up in a torture cell under Franco's fascist regime rather than read another Guardian article about Berlusconi's Italy, Bush's America, or - gasp - Sharon's Israel. (No wonder she left).

In a way, though, I do hope they keep this up. It's so hysterical it cannot but backfire.

A top series of posts called "Regime".

:: WB 3:28 am [link+] ::
:: Monday, 1 December 2003 ::
"...story of remnants of decency pushing up through the rubble of the Howard years"

This is Bernard Zuel in the Sydney Morning Herald's TV Guide about the unwatchable shite called 'Marking Time' - you remember that D-grade blurt penned by John Doyle and blogged on here before.

Remnants of colonialist racism who pick their wogs according to whether or not they are kneeling ready to receive some caring skippy dick into their grateful gaping maws.

Bernard Zuel. Possibly a wog.

Definitely a jackass.

:: WB 1:49 pm [link+] ::

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