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:: Monday, 25 October 2004 ::

What is the view of Martinkus?

UPDATE: whoa. Orunno what happened to this post but it did not turn out as I wanted it to and now I can't amemba what I was thinking. Serves me right for being so spare in my blogging. Whatever. I am no fan of Martinkus but he has my sympathy for his trauma.

He is a lefty wog who went through a trauma.

But I am still not going to cut him any slack.

He is a toxic wog who went to Iraq for no other motivation than to make money off the misery of folks selling bad news about Iraq cos he sure as hell was not going there to even given them a round of applause for trying to make their country great after their own trauma of Saddam.

How do I know this?

Cos his kidnappers, who he described as treating him with respect:


Ya, I will just let that sink it. Very respectful, as they deprive hinm of his liberty and threaten his life for no other reason than that he was from outta town.


His kidnappers apparently looked up his history on the internets and they found Martinkus was a dyed-in-the-wool lefty Yank hater who was full-on for failure of democracy in Iraq.

Not that he would ever think of himself in such honest terms.

Toxic wog.

He gives all wogs a bad name.

:: WB 5:04 am [link+] ::
Not Happy, John.

You officious turd.

I am familiar with all the jokes. How many gears does an Italian tank have? One to go forward and five to go back. Yuk yuk yuk.

My Pa used to tell an hilarious story of the war when the Germans had rolled through his village (as it was then) and then a bunch of hours after the Germans had left, the Partisans would come out of the mountains, brandishing their guns and say 'Where are the German dogs? I'll kill them with my bare hands" while the women either just looked at them shaking their heads, pursing their lips and muttering, 'My hero' or they went ballistic with anger screaming 'They were here hours ago, you imbeciles' or something like that.

His older brother Maria was apparently a full-on partisan. And his Pa was a fully-fledged fascist.


Anyhoo, the point is that Italy fought on both sides of WWII, which is a unique position as far as I understand it.

And a further anyhoo, the Roman were building aqueducts while the Brits were still painting themselves blue.


Not that that settles the argument nor would it sway John Kerry into being even remotely respectful to a modern Italian army which has been deployed in part to Iraq.

But it is a point I am inordinately fond of making.

:: WB 4:46 am [link+] ::
Look, okay? The deal is this.

I can call myself a wog, I can call my wog buddies wogs. I can use the term wog in conversation to describe....persons of....wogs, alright?

But I will not accept a McGinty-skippy stranger eva calling me a wog. Na. That's a fightin' word when a skippy who ain't my buddy says it.


But how was that article? I mean, wogs, spicks, hebes, coons, niggers, gins, slopes, gooks, oil ticks, rock monsters, yids, ragheads, sand nazis, krauts, frogs, whingeing poms, squareheads, boongs, spades, porch monkeys, jigaboos, dagos, Greeks, paddys, scots gits...freakin' spazzs, tards....Where will it end?

The WA Attorney-General? Wants to legislate this stuff? What is the man thinking? You do not put this stuff into law. There does not have to be a law for this. I do reckon this stuff is for strong characters who can take it, and it has to be used carefully. My Pa hated wog. Hated it. My Ma has no time for it either. I hated it for ever too. Cannot recall when it became okay for me to use it. I think I have to credit a school buddy who was relaxed about it. And she married a bloke who was relaxed about it too. Great couple. That is what I mean about strong characters. You develop some scar tissue so the barbs when they are flung - and they are so flung; I so amemba that blonde, what was her name? Virginia Jones? Some dull skippy name, anyhoo 'catch the ball, wog'. Puhlease. Everyone knows it hurts less if it bounces first - do not hurt quite so much.



I think it is dumb.

But the dumbest thing I ever read involving use of the word wog was an exchange on Troppo Armadillo where I posted a comment referring to a wog who was writing on that site as a wog - as in 'hey wog' - and Ken Parish, who has my site linked on his site wrote this:

"Yes I saw the word "wog" the second time I read "w"'s comment, and could hardly believe anyone, however ignorant, could actually write such a thing. He/she probably refers to "niggers" as well (and wops, chinks, dagoes etc). It just lets us know that this is a person best treated with complete contempt."

Ha ha ha ha ha.....

And he's got a link to my site on his site.

He writes the word wog every minute of every day on the internets on his site.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

see, that legislation is written for folks like Ken Parish. Good folks who mean well, but really need to lighten up. It is not law that is needed.

It is a bit of relaxation in the company of wogs.


'...best treated with complete contempt.' Ha ha ha.


:: WB 4:04 am [link+] ::
I judge him to be a fine, fine specimen.

What a fantabulous way to exercise your judgement gland.

In a ring.

:: WB 3:58 am [link+] ::
:: Thursday, 21 October 2004 ::
Okay so here is how it has panned out

The buddy does not recall the wager.

Too drunk.

He believes it was made but cannot confirm and he takes my word for it. He is going to have a quiet word the old man in a discrete manner, natch. We will see what comes of it.

Prolly nothing. Which is fine by me.

For those who have emailed telling me to get Coucin Paulie involved, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. But that would be too terrifying for an old man and just not right.

It sure would be funny.

But it just would not be right.

And for those who dared to suggest I would not pay if the roman sandal was on the other foot, gi fa. Natch I would pay up. That is what it means to make a wager. I know. My Pa was a punter for years. Growing up around bookies and TAB's I learned to honour your debts.

That, and all them Godfather pictures.

So you can Gi Fa if you think the Wog is a cheap hyprocrite.


Love for the rest of youse supportive folks, but. Man, some giggles from Blair's site.

Just one thing, I do not think the fellow was Aboriginal himself. I think he was one of them suffocatingly patronising white do-goodey thinkers who like their minorities needy as opposed to uppity, know what I mean?


:: WB 3:54 am [link+] ::
:: Wednesday, 13 October 2004 ::
I am all in a quandry. Whatever shall I do? Please help.

I can understand the not gloating about the election result.

But what I am not clear on is the collecting of winning bets.

See, months back I made a bet in a bar in Melbourne with a fellow for $10000 that the Libs would get up. We shook hands and everything. He was not a buddy of mine but was introduced to me that evening. I was there with my buddy Pieman and he was a witness. In fact Pieman asked me straight - 'Are you good for it?' and I replied 'Yes. Yes I am.'

Should I contact this fellow to remind him of his bet and demand to collect?


And do you why I am indecisive?

Because as the evening in the bar wore on the fellow and I began to not see eye to eye about things. Him, a redheaded freckled older gent somehow started talking about Aboriginals, and I did not genuflect at the sheer greatness of the Aborigines of Oz instead pointing out how the ATSIC policy on immigration is nil, which shits me and he was appalled and communicated his affection by placing his hand on his heart and declaring 'They are my people.'

Red headed and freckled, readers.


It ended with him stomping off and declaring he could not possibly talk to me any more and I seem to recall yelling after him 'Yeah well good riddance cos nobody likes a patronising racist scumbag' or words to that effect.


Good times.

Anyhoo, whatdyareckon? Should I buzz and ask for my money? I think what I might do is write to Pieman and get his view. Yes. That will help things along.

Sure would like the cash, but. $10000 could get me some very nice shoes.

:: WB 1:21 pm [link+] ::
I am with The Currency Lad. Although Pembo is impossibly handsome, he is clearly a yellow and weak man. I mean, fancy smoking outside of your own house.


I run a full smoking establishment. Every room open for business.

Which is as nature intends.

:: WB 1:18 pm [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 12 October 2004 ::

That is not 'defeat'. That is simple and full-on Galileo Galilei 'getting with the program', and better late than never.

Zif Rome is ever defeated. Like, make me laugh.

Rome rocks. And it is never ever wrong.


:: WB 4:41 am [link+] ::
"The very idea of disputing the freedom of conscience and opinion of a commissioner of Catholic faith, contesting his own secular distinction between morality and law, smells of fundamentalism if not obscurantism,"

Whoo hoo. Berlusconi going in to bat for one of his more Popish appointees who cares not for the poofs.

I care for them a lot. And I am proud of my daddy, Gino, who was exactly the same as the Popish anti-poof guy in Italy until Pa met Pasquale - or Pasqualina as my Pa preferred to call him - whom Pa considered a good bloke who just happened to be gay.

And a really good cook.

So there. Prejudice shrunk.

Not all gone, mind you. But vanished enough that Pasqualina knew not to be offended at his girlie moniker cos no offence was ever intended by my Pa. In fact the opposite was intended - just fondness and a noticing of difference, you know what I mean?.

See, you cannot vanish a Popish guy's views and frankly you should not want to. You should just aim to make sure those views do not lead to anything- any badness, any discrimination, any hurt.

So I reckon Berli is right - a man is entitled to his anti-gay views. But they had better not interfere with his work. Cos if they do, then gloves come off. Discrimination is not on. But noticing is okay. And having a view is okay.

Lord how the EU just likes to get into folks' heads and legislate their thoughts.

Gi. Fa.

:: WB 4:24 am [link+] ::
My money's on Global Jihad.

Read the story to get what I mean.

And then read this for some spitting nonsense from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


That godawful hotel bomb, so reminiscent of Bali, to me anyways, managed to kill 2 Italians.

For nothing.

That sure sounds like Al Qaeda and Zarqawi to me.

Pathetic. Venal. violent, deadly. And pathetic.

And the hacking off of Ken Bigley's head. What on earth for? He was an old man. Sure, like Steyn, I wish he had more balls and was not such a whinging pom, but fer chrissakes he was frightened out of his wits...and an old man.

"What on earth are the terrorists thinking?" I guess we should ask. Or maybe "Why?"

But really. I think we know the answer already.

Because they are fucked.

I mean, you really need that many words to conclude terrorist scumbags are fucked in the head?

I don't.

They are fucked. In the head, man. Irretrievably. There is no penance to be done for a man who has cut someone's head off. No purgatory. Just hell. Just death and hell. And the same goes for plotters who bomb hotels where folks go to have some harmless fun.....in the company of Jews yeah, but so what?

Disgusting terrorist filth with their bombs and their hatred of Jews and all that. Urgh. How is it possible we care to share the planet with these scumbags.

Truly we are closer to God than they will ever give us credit for.


:: WB 4:00 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 10 October 2004 ::

Urgh. Lotta champagne. Feeling seedy but good for the result. Swing to Libs, Manboobs blooded as a loser, which has never happened to him in his life. And Green irrelevance in the Senate.

Good all over.

Today's Sunday programming, ABC's Insiders and Sunday's Sunday were pretty darned good, the former for the virtual shellshocked silence of Barrie Cassidy and the latter for good coverage of what has gone on. That show really is top stuff.

I bin hitting the blogs to check out reactions, mostly lefty sites..oorunno, call it morbid curiousity.

Anyhoo, the upshot from the lefties is that electors exercising their voting rights to return Howard with an increased majority and control of the Senate are mostly stupid, ignorant, greedy, selfish, insular, money-obsessed, stupid and....stupid.

Ha. Zif.

They are regular folks who love their kids, their parents, their nonna and nonno, they hold jobs, they renovate homes or build houses or buy houses, they go to parks and the movies, the sing the national anthem and care about Michael Clarke's cricket thing or the soccer in Seria A or the cricket in Bangalore. (Notice how the ALP has no flags at all in their signage? None. Like they are basically ashamed of Oz. Crazy. Part of why they lost I reckon.)

And they go to places like the Motor Show.

Where I will be going tomorrow afternoon.

After work.

To look at cars....tightly wound high performance cars, preferably Italian but also English and Australian too.

Perfect eh?

Advance Australia Fair.

:: WB 3:15 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 2 October 2004 ::
Sunday Gold

This Sunday's Sunday show is solid gold. They got the PM interview for Laurie Oakes going in to the election this coming Saturday, and it was good lengthy robust interview.

The two journos doing a piece all about following the campaign trail, with priceless footage of Manboobs Latham out for his "daily" jog - ya, zif. If it was daily would he be so fat his shorts ride up between his thighs up to his dick, as he pounds each stride down on to the innocent pavement, you know that look? That loser look that makes it seem as if his own body is trying to give him a frontal wedgie?

Ha ha ha ha. Oh, priceless. The man was wheezing. Cut to Howard, old enough to be Manboobs's dad, walking along and breathing normally at the end of it.

Plus there was footage of Manboobs on 'The Chaser' when he full on hit one of the Chaser boys in the face with one of those Nerf (?is that how you spell it?) bats and said 'piss off' to him as well.

Then shoot to footage of Manboobs defending his nerf thuggery at some radio interview he did, and he was babbling about how hitting the guy in the face was all part of a comedy sketch and he is more than a one dimensional guy and blah blah blah for too long.

He always talks for too long, doesn;t he? So does Howard. Politico thing, I guess.

Plus footage of him leaving the interview and shaking his head as he walked away, zif he's surprised and shocked that he, a bloke who has bashed a cabbie, an old Labor bloke at Liverpool and told his first wife to 'be a good girl', would be considered to have acted badly by hitting an ABC Chaser boy in the face - in the face (you know how Two Times Manboobs likes to repeat phrases) with a nerf bat.

And then a bunch of footage of Two Times Manboobs doing his two times thing....nice splicing, all the occasions taken from his Labor launch speech. 'Fixing teeth. Fixing teeth.' Urgh.

Plus footage of Latham wheeling in old Gough.

Manboobs Latham, Son-of-Gough.

If that doesn't make you think twice about this..boring egomaniacal thug becoming leader of the greatest nation on earth - our Oz - then nothing will.



Pretty terrific. Howard looks like the most harmless normal bloke next to Latham's massive ego and, frankly, his phsyically intimidating thuggery.

Then, Sunday does a bit on fringe loony parties, in this case Anarchists (led by wogs, natch and the Italian kind. Orunno why it is that the Italians get off on the anarchy so much....oh, who am I trying to kid, Italy is anarchy, if you've ever been there. Madness but in a kind of beautiful chaos. God love it) and Lyndon La Rouche nutters in Oz, featuring a girl who, looked to me for all the world like a person who's been touched by the crazy brush, know what I mean.? Whoo. Rolling eyes and everything.

And just now we've had the swinging voters of Parramatta, who are going Labor, undecided, something called Christian Democrats x 2, independent, Liberal lower house Labor upper, and Labor again. All very lively.

And now a bit about the King's School in NSW - all about the Labor class warfare in taking money off private schools to give to public schools, as if the public schools are poor because the rich schools are rich.

Lord how I loathe that sort of blinkered stupid leftie Latin American thinking.


There's plenty of money for the States to manage their public schools so their facilities at least are in good shape. For crying outta loud the States get all the GST. They are richer than ever before so why don't they spend it on their own State schools?

Federal funding for schools (Orunneveno how that is even constitutional....but let us not fuss about that right now) is reward for taxpayers who send their kids to those schools. If Latham had half a brain he would have seen the merit in just freezing the private school funding and not actually taking it off them. Less class envy then.

But Manboobs loves his hate, doesn't he?

Loves to be hater, doesn't he? Urgh. He'd really hate my mum, what with her love of opera, race horses and Valetino clothes. Hate her guts, I reckon. AFter all, she worked hard to send me to a private school. How awful of her to have had the benefit of some of the taxes she paid over the years...how very awful.

Mind you, she'd loathe him right back. On this Ma and I see eye to eye. We both agree Manboobs Latham is one of the ugliest men we have ever seen.

So, Sunday show, spending a lot of time, the most that I have ever seen, actually revealing Manboobs as bloated and with a bloated sense of self-importance.


:: WB 5:17 pm [link+] ::
Not sure if I seen what I think I just seen...

But it might have been a Liberal Party ad featuring Ethel Merman singing 'Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye' and listing low interest rates, economic management etc all sort of shrinking away like into the distance and ending with an ugly picture of Manboobs Latham with 'Good Luck!' written underneath.

Wow. It's funny...in a kind of defeatist way.

Still. Ethel Merman. Maybe the Libs are trying to lock in that over 75s vote, eh?


Loved her in 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World'.

I need a coffee.

:: WB 5:04 pm [link+] ::

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