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:: Tuesday, 30 October 2007 ::

Excellent work from The Times

Top 20 blasphemies - natch it is the Ismalics that do the killing in response. Check it out, but. See how well behaved the Christians are in the face of so much nonsense.

This, on the other hand, makes for depressing reading - Mosques filled to the rafters with violent woman hating, poof hatingm Jew hating blathery books. Still good work from the paper to ferret this all out. Wonder if the same is done in Oz? Hope so.
:: WB 1:38 pm [link+] ::
:: Monday, 29 October 2007 ::
Ya Gotta Accentuate the Peacefulness, Eliminate the Victimhood

By which I mean, these guys, who are prolly not bad guys, need to understand what everyone on earth who is not a Muslim understands:

Muslims commit more terrorism and have more violent reactions to simple stuff happening, like cartoons getting published, than any other type of person, full stop. Daylight between them and anyone else.


Embrace it, mate. Own up to it. It is your problem that your religion is filled with cranks and nutjobs. To whit: Osama, Amrozi, Arafat all of them.

And the fact we all notice it is not our fault. It is the fault of the nutjobs, natch. And it is also a tiny bit your fault too. Yes you there, the Muslims who do not commit mad acts of madness. Why? Sheesh, do I even need to explain? It is simply not good enough to say "Youse are making us mad with the noticing of the bombings and the jihad and the 24x7 'Allahu Akhbar' and all that, and some guy is gonna bomb youse cos he is mad".

Stop explaining the nutjobs' motivations to us non-terrorists. We know what they are. It is your religion. They tell us over and over.

And we just do not care a bit.

Not a bit.

Start shopping these nutjobs to the coppers, or better yet, stop the nutjob preachers coming in to Oz then gather all the idiot local nutjobs together and deliver them an almighty smack upside the head.

See, these two Leb guys in the article are not bad guys. But it seems to me that they are crawling towards understanding something about Oz that every other wog here understands and every other wog here reached the understanding much quicker than lebs. Sorry to be so blunt, but I reckon this is objectively true.

No skippy is going to give you a break for even a second while you obsess over how good you are even though you go unrecognised and how maligned you are even though it is other wogs bringing the whole lot down.

I remember the Robert Trimboli episode - he remains Oz's only known mafia boss, who ordered the hit on a Griffith councillor Donald McKay. For a bit there it seemed as if every wog was considered a mafioso. Utter nonsense of course but it was all there. Needless to say, in the grand tradition of loudmouthed mafiosi everywhere - as opposed to the genuine omerta article, they talk a big talk but when it all boils down they are mammone. Mummy's boys. Now, Trimboli never slammed planes in to buildings or bombed a Bali nightclub or London trains and Madrid trains, so the comparison is a bit rich I will grant you. Still but, the point is made.

The Leb boys in the article did not do the terrible things other Muslims have done.

But they do not spend nearly enough of their breath condemning and the terrible acts and the people who do them or who think it was just dandy that they were done.

That is the trouble.

Stop whining. Sure the police have buggered up some cases. What? Did you think they and the prosecution services were infallible? Stop looking around everywhere but in your own backyard for the problem. Start slamming islamic fascism for what it is. Backwards and a stain on every Muslim wog. Coming straight outta the mosque.

First step, is get up off the floor. Sitting right on the floor like a common goatherd is doin' nuthin' for your image, right?

Next step, all mosque, all English language all the time in Oz. Full stop.

After that step, remove every copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion from every Islamic bookshelf everywhere and have the media cover the convoy when you take them all down to some art studio where some artist can burn them and make them into a sculpture of glass and ash - nice way to put paid to the idiotic Middle eastern obsession with hating jews which bores the rest of us to tears. Do not take them to the paper recycling because some idiot imam will lover that - the idea that the protocols will get all distributed around the world. you can hear him now, laughing his idiot laugh and squealing with little boy delight at the prospect. And a big ol' bookburning. Well. She is outta the question, right? Right.

Double after that step, Friday prayers - if you must - to be immediately followed by Friday cricket - it is summer now, or nearly right? day light saving means lovely late night light. Youse are no less Muslims and Lebs cos youse play cricket. Folks just want to not have to think about how crazy Lebs are, yeah? Give us all a break. Play some fucking cricket and act normal for a change.

Urgh. they are crawling, I tells ya...but even crawling they'll get there...eventually....urgh. Why is it taking so long?
:: WB 2:55 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 27 October 2007 ::
Not a Good Look

Pictures of himself half-naked and holding his dick? Himself. His very own Family First self. Sheesh. It rather seems to me that at 22 this is not the end of his world. If you have ever had the grave misfortune of looking on the Facebook and the MySpace you will see the most stupid and future-reputation-injurious shots of folks all over the place.

That they themselves publish.

Of themselves.

But this fellow. Well, he sure has kept it kinda difficult for Family First to be taken seriously. I say "kept" cos no one really takes them all that seriously, no matter how many decibels are generated by happy clapping at Hillsong festas of a weekend.

Do not get me wrong. I got no quarrel with the happy clappers. Seems to me they are
okay folks with okay attitudes to life. I do not share them, but it is a big ol' world. I always maintain the Greenies are the ones that are most likely to ruin my life long before the happy clappers get a chance to tell me how to live. Greenies always want to tell folks how to think as well as live. And double plus they do not like cars. Gi Fa with that, eh? Too right.

Maybe the fellow was having some quiet time on his own with the porn and such, in which case, rock and roll fella. Who among us can honestly say they do not partake even just a little bit from time to time?

Most of us, but do not join parties that make it their platform to frown upon such activities. There's the ...erm, rub.

:: WB 10:56 pm [link+] ::
Say It Ain't So, Padre pio

Padre Pio is everywhere in Italy. Every. Where. If he is shown to be a chubby ol' faker who liked a bit of rumpy pumpy with the ladies wll I am not sure how the nation will respond.


When I was in Italy a coupla times back, I visited an elderly aunt in hospital. She was always telling me to come sit near her cos I smoke. Lovely lass, sadly passed on now. But she had Padre Pio pics everywhere around her. And they were hospital issue. And no, we are not talking deep south.

This sorta naughty priest situation - well, it is part of life's rich tapestry in the Bel Paese. I mean, grassing out a porking priest is just like an opera, reall, eh?

But Padre Pio.


Dirmi che non e cosi.
:: WB 10:38 pm [link+] ::
Driving Rural England

He is a cat man which is just plain wrong. But James May has done well with this column.

H/T Theo Spark
:: WB 1:59 pm [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 23 October 2007 ::
Nice Work SBS

Airing a show called "Is Your House Killing You?" at 7.30 p.m AEST.


While people are watching. From in their homes.

Natch, none of the alarmist bullshit that is spewed is objectively true. It is all "may" and "potentially".

I "may" "potentially" have to set fire to the SBS one of these days.
:: WB 6:23 pm [link+] ::
:: Monday, 22 October 2007 ::
Read This and Weep...for Italy

Bloggers have to register.

In Italy.

You have to be registered to blog.

What on earth for? Why should they have to "register"? If stinking corrupt politicians are pissed off at being ridiculed and exposed in blogs, and feel they have been defamed or something, they can always find out about the authors by getting the ISPs to cough up the addresses etc etc. There are ways.

But registering?

It's enuff to trascinare alla disperazione, peoples. I think youse can understand.

What possible reason could there be for that? You need a bureacracy to keep track of the blogs, and who is to say what criteria are neeed to get on to the register?

This is classic Italian politics. The comrades are in charge, and they do not like it up 'em.

And the impact, well, I think we can agree she will be objectively bad.


Christ on a stick, now the Mafia is the biggest business? mean, we all knew it was big, but the frickin' biggest?


Well, what are you gonna do - just leave it in the ground? Italians are, at the DNA level, a lawless bunch. My cousin in Mestre drove me along in her crazy little car, running red lights and refusing to attach her seat belt, all the whle staring at me (which was disconcerting since we were motoring at speed) and lamenting .... how lawless Italians are!

I just had to hug her.


Still this guy was digging up 12000 pieces of stuff from the Veneto, in the B.C if you do not mind. Sheesh. Salute you, fella.

Do not get me wrong, I am still boiling with rage about the blogger thing, but hey.
:: WB 7:42 pm [link+] ::

40% of the UK's Muslim population live in London.

They make up 8.5% of London's population.

London's population is seven and half mill.

8.5% of 7.5 mill is 637,500.

Wembley Stadium seats 90000.

10000 of the 637500 Muslims who could have attended (never mind getting the train and coming from elsewhere in the UK) went to Wembley Stadium to "protest" Dthe Muslim atrocities being committed in Sudan's Darfur region.

10000 out of 90000 means Wembley was just over 10% filled. About the same as a training run for some of the bigger English football teams.

10000 out of 637500 is ... hmmm, gimme a minute...just over 1.5%.

And Gordon Brown, UK PM, videolinked himself in to that pathetic crowd.

Good show all round, eh?
:: WB 7:16 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 21 October 2007 ::
Amsterdam Riots?

Not sure how I missed all this but apparently we are up to day 6 after some Morroccan youths went berserk with the violence and the intimidation and one of them got shot by a female copper...and as a result "It's On!".

Did she not know she was not meant to dance back?

This is a lot like the MacQuarie Fields conflagration in Oz in 2005, when a young boy stole a car, and took his mates cruisin' at high speeds, attracting police attention, and then duly slammed the thing into a tree killing some of his mates. And then everyone rioted.

Natch, the fault was not the stealing boy but the coppers trying to cath him.

I know what they are thinking, these cretini, but I also know it makes no sense.

Theodore Dalrymple has written eleoquently on this inability or unwillingness of some sectors of society to ever place blame where it firmly belongs. They have the same problem as the criminal shits who never accept blame even when it has been sorely earned.

It cannot be the fault of the coppers that some shitty kid who stole a car chose not to stop. It was his choice. And I'll bet he still wakes at night hearing his passengers screaming at him to "pull over" and "stop".

And it cannot be the fault of the coppers in Amsterdam that some mad Moroccan stabbed some police before getting shot up. By a woman. I'll bet he wakes up at night ... dreaming of his beloved Allah. If ever there was a guy who needed a better class of fans, it's Ol' Allah.
:: WB 4:30 pm [link+] ::
Yes there was an Election Debate last night but...

...but I did not watch as I am a devotee of quality teevee and watching an earwax eating man blather about "working families" is not quality teevee. He eats his own earwax and this revoltingness has made it in to the press now.

There is only one kown antidote to the deadly poison of a disgusting video and that is to wash to your eyes with a real goood video.

You will all have seen it before fer sher, but here it is anyways: The Dissident Frogman on bullets v cartridges.

He is no disgraziato.
:: WB 3:42 pm [link+] ::
Ah, Hitchens.
:: WB 5:46 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 20 October 2007 ::
No Pizza for You, Mafia Scum

Briefly, Palermo foccacceria, in business for ever, feeds Lucky Luciano a lot when he is doing his mafioso thing in the 30s and 40s, then gets hit on in the noughties for protection money and stands up against it, hiring a lawyer with real balls, Stefano Giordano, to take the scum to court. Natch the lawyer has had death threats.

Glad to report, natch he is not backing down.

This is a Sicialian recovery story - they are still stuck with the blight of organised crime but trying hard to combat it.

Now that is a lawyer I can salute.
:: WB 5:29 pm [link+] ::
He eats his own ear wax

You cannot vote for a man to be the leader of Oz when he eats his own ear wax!
:: WB 5:16 pm [link+] ::
First you buy it, then you wait a year for a half-rebate

Just saw the insufferable Wayne Swan, putative treasurer to be, talking up the ALPs this-time-around-nanny-statism of funding half a cheap laptop but only for families.

Amemba the last election when Latham introduced his "Real Aloud Australia" idiot polic of making parents read to kids?

Well this is the same patronising nonsense, only now with laptops. I mean, you have to own the laptop a full frickin' year before the gumment kicks in any cash. And you had better keep your receipts. Cos the APL does not trust you to spend a tax cut on a laptop of other stuff for kids.

Lord how I hate rebates. It just means more work for me. First I have to work and save up for x and then I have make the effort with my receipts to actually collect the damn money. Why do they not just give it to me in the first place?

Because a Labourite just lervs bureacracy.

I've just seen the most soporific ad ever. About public schools. And funding them. And how Howard does not fund them.

Jesus wept, it's a State government responsibility.

Not sure how I am going to go taking this election campaign.
:: WB 4:35 pm [link+] ::

Just, for Christ's.....oh, for...urgh. Can it possibly actually happen?

How does WndRoseHotel manage to sound so sanguine about it? Must be plenty vino coursing through his veins to keep him calm.

Disperazione. I think youse get it.
:: WB 4:18 pm [link+] ::
:: Friday, 19 October 2007 ::
"It's the stupidity, economists"

Hmmmm. That Steyn. He makes you think, like.

But I do maintain the reason for "partners" rather than just plain old marriages is because of lawyers.

Bear with me here.

Lawyers, you see, love to craft new rights and one favorite is the de facto hetero sexual couple, too lazy, cheap and godless even to hire a $50 celebrant to marry 'em, getting all the same property, custody and succession (that is 'wills' if you do not already know) rights as the married folks. "Partners".

How easy is it to split up from a partner? As easy as walking out the door or as hard as you wanna make it fighting over who gets the house and the car and the kids and the art and the dog and the superannuation.

And if you have no house, kids, art etc? Well, just walk out. Your "partner" being no more important than some boyfriend or girlfriend.

Now work it out with no money but with kids.

Well, lawyers to the rescue = how about some welfare payments, eh?

And if the kids are feral = how about some complex juve justice rules, eh?

And if the kids are wogs?

Well, how about some sensitivity training for the coppers and the courts to make sure people ignore that wog thing as much as possible.

See where it goes? On and frickin' on.

Pah. Too much law. Not enough discipline.

And wile I am pondering all this, how about this: I have always maintained there should be a wog defence in family court cases. You know, where the do nothing trophy wife tries to get her hands on half of the millions made by husband, working in the family business or starting from scratch. See, skippy trophy wives get half cos, even though they do nothing, they really do arrange dinners and support hubby while he makes the millions for the family. Well, maybe a bit. Calling the caterers and such. But your wog trophy wives, while being infinitely better looking than the skips, do no such supporting. Their job is quite specificaly not to offer any support or get any ways involved with hubby. It is simply to breed and look gorgeous. I have seen this happen and it is a damn shame that when that marriage falls over(and it is always a marriage - we are dealing with wogs here, and it always falls over for infidelity....wogs, natch) no lawyer has run that argument in court.

Cos of course to do that would be breaking another law about never actually seeing wogs or noticing wog behaviour. Colour-blind, culture-blind. My arse.

And doubleplus it would be breaking the law that says women are weak weak weak.


Now, I am not addressing, here, real partners, real de factors and marrieds who do share life and work and who bust up cos they need to. I am just thinking to the end of a very squiggly line started by Steyn who thinks a lot about population. Me, I think about what it takes to ... make a population, know what I mean?

:: WB 4:33 pm [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 16 October 2007 ::
Well Done, Annabell

That's Annabell Kiddybody, writing with some wit. Noice.
:: WB 4:47 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 14 October 2007 ::
Hmmm, Interesting

Lotsa voters filling in the Wog-narrated Vote-a-Matic, and coming up trumps for Lib/Nats.

Suits me.
:: WB 3:32 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 7 October 2007 ::
Norm Nails It.
:: WB 7:01 am [link+] ::
What Would Whitlam Do?

Robert Manne on the telly this past week addressing an assertion made by Paul Kelly, of The Australian that public intellectuals in Oz are up themselves and idiots with HDS = Howard Derangement Syndrome.

Way to counter the assertion, Bob:

There is massive discontinuity in the area of what I would call culture, in the area of let's say, foreign policy, in the area of multiculturalism, the question of industrial relations and Indigenous policy, in the question of new things like the war on terror and the question of global warming. These massive public issues, the Howard Government has - and we have to take them one by one - has not been continuous with the tradition of Australia since Whitlam but discontinuous in the cultural area.

This is where the serious debate lies. If we take global warming, I think the Government has been disastrous because it has worked with the Americans against the only way the crisis can be handled, which is by international unity and by coming together to work together, the idea of voluntary solution, each country making its own decisions.

These are the kinds of issues I think the Government, the Howard Government, and we are all trying to second-guess, history will be found to have failed disastrously.

Yeah? You see it?

He's such a lemon lipped turd of a thinker, let us paraphrase to get to what he really means, this 'deep thinker' this 'public intellectual':

I like Whitlam. He's my friend. I like him and his wife. I like him. And he likes me. Things now aren't like when Whitlam, my love, was the Emperor.....oops, better say something that is not mired 40 fucken years back.....um, war on terror, global warming. Oh, and America sux.

Jesus wept.

And tonight there was Manne again prattling his utterly incompetent world view, on the other taxpayer funded broadcaster (no bullseye link I am afraid) natch:

Pria speaks to Robert Manne about the erosion of democracy in this country, and the stifling of information which results from the media duopoly.


I am sorry. Just had to spit up at that. The "media duopoly" has never been so irrelevant in Oz. I am on the internet. A lot of Oz is. My daily media intake consists of Oz online media, American online media, British online media, Italian online media and blogs.

We are all voting. There is no 'erosion of democracy'. Manne, like most muddle headed oldies, thinks criticism and being ignored amounts to an erosion of democracy.

When he drives around I expect he thinks the sun is following him.

SBS, being the tv wogshop in Oz, goes further than the skips at the ABC, as wogs are natrually given to conspiracy theories.

So, we get:

Governor General Major-General Michael Jeffrey admits that there is a "fraying around the edges" of democracy in Australia.

"Admits"? Puhlease.

And this:

Pria observes that democratic debate is being suffocated due to the current government silencing dissenting voices like the ABC.

"Observes"? Observes, as if it is a given? Observes what? Observes no one gives enough of a damn to do anything about him. That is what.

It is this paucity of thinking by folks all over the media, like Manne and who think like Manne, I presume, that Paul Kelly was trying to capture last week. Not online yet, I don't think. Try here in due course. But Kelly is simply too polite.

We are dealing with retards here.

And the problem is worse than Kelly suggests, because retards attract retards, as if they recognise a shininess in one another. And plus it's intergenerational. To whit, I happened to be reading "Lawyers Weekly".....yes, well, moving on, it is a work thing....and the editorial is written by a young lass.

A young lass with shit for brains.

In the name of this democracy that [Ruddock] says we have, people should be able to speak out and discuss topics without members of the government criticising them for it."



First she thinks Oz is not a democracy, i.e "says we have". I mean, gi fa.

Second, she thinks elected members of parliament should themselves be quite silent and should decline to engage with those members of the electorate, like her, who criticise the government. I mean, seriously. The people we elect to lead the country, and to explain themselves and justify themselves all the time because we elected them. Them. Those folks. They have to shut up so the wanker retards can talk up a bullshit storm, listening to one another and feeling great about the echo.

Get. Far. Away.

Natch, they never will. The prattling will continue. Cos why?

Cos they got HDS. A dread rash of the brain preventing synapses from connecting after 1975 or while any Liberal government is in power.

:: WB 5:16 am [link+] ::

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