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:: Thursday, 25 March 2004 ::

Lardheaded skippy dickhead, hates wogs. Turd

This is Latham: Troops home from Iraq. Even if Iraq is fucked. No biggie troops home. Iraqis do not matter.

What a pig of a bloke.

You got a whole country filled with wogs facing a future that will hang in the balance if folks like Oz troops are not around to help tip the balance in favour of law and order and democracy and success. Good deeds by Oz is what makes Oz the perfectest country on earth.

Plus Oz folks are partly responsible for Iraq having the chance to face this future. There is a moral dimension to hanging in there as well.

Dumping on wogs is just so perfect for this fatheaded imbecile who is full on West Sydney isolationist meets Whitlamite big idiot patronising toe-ragerry. Turd never had a job in his life - pulled beers for a week before jaunting of to the Spewniversity and straight into politics thereafter.

His whole life is a wankfest of big ideas. Well this idea of his sucks and swallows. And spits too. Yetcht.

42 years old and does not give a shit about wogs. And not just any wogs - he is not calling for troops to come home from East Timor, oh no.

Mark Latham hates Iraqis.

How else to explain his pig ignorance about the help they need.

And Mark Latham has no regard for Oz troops. How else to explain why he thinks our troops in Iraq cannot do good work there and have to come home because our troops and our police here are so incompetent that we cannot be safe.

I was in a Qantas lounge this morning and let rip with a good dose of wog yelling at the teevee. Gate number 8, full flight loads o' people. And this is my straw poll. They all agreed with me.

The man is a fatheaded cheap suit wearing Anti-American wog hater.

What a turd.

:: WB 2:10 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 21 March 2004 ::
What the...?

Well how many was it? I am betting the low figure.

The population of Rome is something like 4million. No way half the city was out on the anti-war marches.

Whatever. It is too high a number to be caring about getting out of Iraq instead of caring about how to help make Iraq a better place.

Too high.

That is because, much as I love it, Italy, it must be said, is filled with stinking communist Red Brigade sympathisers who loathe i Stati Uniti and Silvio in equal measure. They have a born-to-rule mentality that leaves them disgusted that they are not in power and appalled at the mere thought that somewhere someone in Italy is enjoying a spliff, a hamburger and a whisky instead of waiting a couple hours for a big bowl of polenta and a delicious ragu and a glass of Barolo.

Not filled to the brim, mind.

But filled enough for me to believe that Italy will go like Spain at its next elections without even needing a terrorist atrocity to occur on its soil to its citizens.

It will vote anti-American and anti-Berlusconi.

Man, I know, that is a bleak vision. I prolly need to lighten up. Or I need some of my Italian buddies on the ground to let me know whether I am horribly wrongheaded about this or rightheaded.

I dunno.

:: WB 12:07 am [link+] ::
:: Wednesday, 17 March 2004 ::
My mission

To see the Wog Blog linked on Tim "You rest Margo, I'll do your job for you" Dunlop's weekly Fairfax wankfest.

Somebody nominate me.

I do good work.

:: WB 3:02 am [link+] ::
Ow. Head hurty.

The tables of perception have been turned, and those who have fixed there colours to the mast of tunnel vision will be blown away by the resurgence of UN multilateralism: the only Coalition with diversity of opinion enough to keep us safe, and win this war.

Tables of perception? Fixing colours to some mast over there, getting blown away by the UN. That was unfortunate, eh? "Blow away" - you just had to use that concept in an article about Spain, you loser.


The UN is not "the only Coalition with diversity of opinion enough to keep us safe, and win this war."

Bullshit man. Just say what you mean. Cos Oz is part of the UN and so is the US and so is the UK. And so was Aznar's Spain and Berlusconi's Italy.

And you sure have no respect for those views. For those members of the fantabulousness that IS the UN.

Just say what you mean - France and Germany and Russia and all the fucking crazy Arabs who wake up every day and wonder if they can squeezeout ajust a little bit more self-pity and Jew hatred today than yesterday. And anyone else's opinion, just not the opinion of the US and the UK and Oz etc etc.

This fucktard will not talk straight. 2895 words that could have been reduced to 6:

"Just do what Old Europe wants."


:: WB 2:45 am [link+] ::

Warning: this short peice will make your blood, if you have any, boil. Why? Cos...urgh. Just read it.

The factor in this:

1939: Born, Reggio Emilia, Italy
1971-1999: Professor at Bologna University
1978-1979: Italy's minister for industry
1996-1999: Italian prime minister
1999: President of the European Commission

I know I should not expect clear thinking with coglioni from an Academic.

And how about that:

"He said he felt "encouraged" by changes taking place in the US, which appeared more willing to cooperate with the rest of the world.

"All the Democrats and some Republicans believe that the United States must cooperate with other countries and should act alone only in exceptional circumstances."

"It is not Europe which is getting closer to the United States but rather America which is moving toward us."

Hmmmm? I think maybe some arty types need to send me some email stuff, where we can do this up as a sticker - you know the thing, Prodi's smug fat head and that last sentence. Watch Americans react rather badly to that sort of patronising toeraggery.

God help us, eh? If he only knew where Oz was on a map rest assured he would say something patronising about us too.

Pezzo di merda.

:: WB 2:31 am [link+] ::
Hey, we got Rohan Gunaratna and Tariq Ali on the SBS

RG: Al Qaeda is small, but influential, financing groups
TA: Agree, but the serious problem is that young people like Al Qaueda and the fault for this is Australian and American. "If you go and bomb countries and occupy them, then young people will want action."

Let us stop there for a moment, okay?

East Timor. EAST TIMOR. Is that what you mean TA? Liberating East Timor was bad? SBS does not ask.

Instead SBS asks about Iraq.

RG: I believe that the US invasion of Iraq has made the risk of terrorism higher, because Muslims are angry about it, and they want action.
TA: As with Norhtern Ireland, there was a choice following an appalling bomb that almost took the the PMs life, whether to escalate the action against the terrorists or sit down and try to find peace. They sat down. Now, there are two occupations of the MidEast, Israeli occupation and US/UK occupation of Iraq. And this makes people furious, governments in the MidEast cannot do anything about it, so furious violence is what happens.

Let us stop here for sec, eh? I think TA wants to sit down and talk to the terrorists. But maybe not., He was not asked by SBS to elborate on his waffle.

RG: You cannot sit down and talk with Al Qaeda. They are not rational.
SBS: We are losing our satellite, so thankyou gentlemen.

What a disappointment. Right there, right at the end there, we could have had a genuine challenge, a real debate about what the real deal is for the anti-war left wing - Tariq Ali - and the for the anti-terrorist but non-aligned folk - Rohan Gunaratna. No right wingers around to polarise. Just one polar side - the left - against the rational middle.

SBS wasted this opportunity.

Never mentioned East Timor.

But worse, never got to challenge Tariq Ali with the Rohan fact - Al Qaeda cannot be sat down with. So what Tariq Ali is actually saying (wqithout saying it, of course) is that Al Qaeda is not relevant. Israel is the root cause of all horror and must lose land. And Iraq, no matter Saddam's absence, must be left to rot preferrably alone or under a useless UN management (by which I mean actuall making things worse).

Wasted opportunity, SBS.



:: WB 2:12 am [link+] ::
Points of view with which I concur

Read Sullivan.

Read Merde in France. God, that is no punches pulled stuff. Ridicule. Sensational.

Read the Frogman.

Read Enzo Reale.

:: WB 1:54 am [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 16 March 2004 ::
When good wogs go bad

Look at his shit-eating grin? And how about his deep philosophy?

Iraq is a "disaster".


Now look at this BBC- yes, BBC - poll of Iraqi's, and ask yourself what 'disaster' is the shit-eater referring to.

The disaster in his pants.

Iraq is better now than before. Thanks in part to Aznar's Spain.

No thanks at all to Zapatero. None. No thanks to any marcher for peace.

Turds. What they got against Iraqi's gettin' a break, I dunno.

One less dictator in power thanks in part to Aznar's Spain. No thanks to Zapatero. None at all.

I am in Oz. I got an election this year. I am voting Howard. Him and his party do not give terrorists or terror appeasers a break. Anywhere. Not Hicks, Not Habib. Not Bakar Bashir, no Mahathir, not Megawati, not anyone.

Terrorism in Oz, if it happens, if our coppers cannot stop it, is very likely to make Oz mad.

At the terrorists.

And that is the big difference between us and Spain.

You know why we are the way we are?


Comes after East Timor. And after Sept 11. But way before Iraq.

A liberation by Oz. Thankyou very much Oz.

Zapatero is an answer to terrorism in Madrid. A pissweak answer to the terrorism, but an answer nevertheless. Oliver Kamm has noted ithis n his fabulously clever style.

Me, I will simply write this: I want my leader to have brass ones, alright?

And you should too.

:: WB 2:44 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 13 March 2004 ::

I do not give stuff who done it. I simply want them to be blown apart themsleves.

Dolores. Dolori. Tears.

Man, do you want to be helpless against such violent scum?

:: WB 7:31 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 7 March 2004 ::
Ah. Nature balances itself

:: WB 1:23 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 6 March 2004 ::
Views from Iraq

This from Zeyad

And this from van Steenwyk.

:: WB 8:19 pm [link+] ::
Acclaimed wetland was result of leaky pipe.


Got it from the Group Captain at left.

:: WB 8:15 pm [link+] ::
Italy 34 Scotland 20

:: WB 8:14 pm [link+] ::
He wears his pants really high too, you wanna sue him for that?

What a bunch of skippy losers.

There was big article in the Daly Tele yesterday (I cannot find a link) that reveals the folks who sued as true jackholes. They are complaining that their lives are ruined because everyone thinks they are opportunist nasty neighbours trying to get rich off an old wog.

Tears in my eyes for you, jackholes.

The names of four of the 12 are:
Joanne Carmichael, Rick Planner, Mark Overeem and Gregory Starosta. They all lived at the same address - a block of flats next door to Tavernese.

According to the Tele, a new person moved into the flats - Rhiannon Robinson - she had some sickly kids.

During the court case (which was settled),claims surfaced that Carmichael urged a new tenant in the block to join the (court) action, because her sick children would be "good for our cause".

Rhiannon Robinson says when she refused to join the case, Carmichael threatened her, forcing her to seek and obtain a restraining order against Carmichael and her family.

Robinson claimed Carmichael showed her a book on DDT and told her: "You only need to tell a doctor you and your children have these symptoms."

She claimed Carmichael told her "Your children are always sick. There is no way we can lose...there's nothing wrong with me. It's all bullshit. We will get rich."

Carmichael denies the claims saying Robinson had an axe to grind.

Look, a restraining order is a fact - if one was issued then Robinson made an application for a restraining order against Carmichael and it got issued by a court.


To say Robinson's motivation was 'an axe to grind' is so stupid cos it supports Robinson's claim - the axe being her fear of harrassment by Carmichael.

There's your frickin' axe - sheesh, what a maroon that Carmicahel is.

Notice the assertion is not that Robinson got paid off by the Taverneses.

Sooooooo, I think we can make some presumptions - that is all we can do since there has not been any ruling - and the preumptions are:
- the plaintiffs made a claim without having a basis to do so;
- their lawyers also made the claim without legal merit.

Sounds to me like someone should be making a complaint to the Law Society - and doing a portrait of the 12 folks for the Archibald art prize, revealing them to be venal deadshits out to smother an old high-pants wog.

:: WB 4:31 pm [link+] ::
My culture is different so I should not be punished too much for gang raping girlies

Ya right.

That was always gonna get up.


Who does these people's legals?

Andrew Haesler - Public Defender.

Amemba years ago that Turk who, with his son, killed his daughter for going out with skippy? They used the 'as you do' or 'it's outta my hands' argument - girlies step outside the strict bounds - gotta kill 'em. Or in this case, gotta rape 'em. I mean, come on. Wouldn't you? If you were a Turk? If you were Pakistani?

It is such a slur on a whole race, on a whole wog community here in Oz. It so wrongheaded.

The defence should be strict fact based - it did not happen, or if it did, then she consented.

That is all you can have.

This whole 'my culture' argument does more damage to wogs in Oz than any thing else. Well, maybe not as much as wogs actually behaving badly in the first place, but you get my drift.

I mean, I could use it too.

I am Italian. MY culture is different. I should not be punished for speeding.

But really, if you take the 'culture' crap to its extreme, you end up with full-on racist stereotypes. I am Pakistani - I like gang rape. I am Italian. I like market gardens. You know?

And that is all I can ever be. A gang rapist, a market gardener.


These damnable little rapist scumbags are just that - criminals. To jail with them and who cares what race they are, what their 'culture' is.

And their damnable lawyer, who thinks it an effective strategy to slime a race in the course of his unsuccessful legal work, is just another jackhole making life in Oz worse for wogs. He could be a poster boy for the old White Australia policy. The arse.


:: WB 4:06 pm [link+] ::
It is all about me.

Hazem el Masri is not a rapist.

Until some court proves he is a rapist, the man is simply not a rapist. He is a fine league player, a good husband, a good son and ever so easy on the eye.

Some of his teammates might be rapists. Or they may not be. The fact they are his teammates does not reflect badly on hazem - unless he was covering up for them. But again, he has not covered up for them. If they were off doing their worst, they were doing it without him.

Poor man might have played league with some blokes who raped some women.

That is the worst you can say about Hazem.

But he is also so far up himself he thinks it beneath his dignity to walk into a police station and cooperate in an investigation into pack rape alleged to have been committed by some of his teammates at the Bulldogs league club at a time when they were together at some hotel.

He thinks it beneath him, he thinks it an affront, that a police investigation into the allegations should be carried out thoroughly, which includes thoroughly assessing his DNA and, hopefully, thoroughly removing him as a suspect in the rape case.

Bad move, wog.

Bad move.

Lebanese blokes in Sydney have not just had some bad press.

They have made some bad press.

For themselves.

El Masri is a top bloke. Skilled, reliable, honourable (til right about now). He is a vision of top wogness in Oz. And now he is using his wogness to excuse himself from participating in an investigation that is bigger than him. That is not about him.

It is not defamatory, it does not injure his reputaiton, to be a participant of or even the subject of a police investigation.

And El Masri's lawyer, Adam Houda, knows that - or he should - he is a lawyer after all.

To argue that this whole sordid episode is an injury to El Masri's reputation is so far out on the spiral arm it is difficult to know just how to counter it.

But what would be if you did not even try. You have to try.

Okay. So here goes:

- life in the big city involves police work and community participation in it. When the police do their work the community is expected to cooperate and the police are expected to conduct themselves within the bounds of the law - so far so simple;

- refusing to cooperate with the police in an investigation does not augur well for the police being able to root out crime (pun intended) and the refuser's refusal will be seen by the community as, at worst, an indicator of guilt, or at least, an indicator that the subject thinks himself above the law - in either case it is an indicator that the subject is a wanker.

- the police have to investigate and they cannot be hamstrung by threats of defamation claims against them for carrying out their duties - if that was the state of the law then there would be no police work ever, because ever suspect or participant in an investigation would be able to sue - the law is not so stupid as to let that situation arise;

- going to the cop shop and talking to police is not much different to going to the cop shop and talking to police and giving them a DNA sample; yet El Masri whines about doing the former and flat out refuses to do the latter.

- El Masri, acting on his lawyer's advice, has done himself and his Lebanese community a grave disservice by whining and acting so offended and so highhanded about the DNA.

The man is being asked to participate in a gang rape allegation involving his own league club. And he finds the whole thing disgusting.

Well, take it up with your league buddies, Hazem - theya re the reason for you being so 'humiliated'.

Muslim, Catholic, or other is not the issue.

My Ma has not been asked to give a DNA swab cos she does not play rugby league for the Bulldogs.

El Masri has been asked because he does play rugby league for the bulldogs.


The man is a wanker. It is all about him. His community desparately needs some good press. Needs a high profile Lebanese wog to act like they respect Oz law enough to participate freely in a police investigaiton about something as serious as a gang rape allegation involving elite sportsmen from a popular league club.


Vain wog.

:: WB 3:41 pm [link+] ::
North Korea backs Kerry in US

It is not often life is simple but sometimes it is. Whatever North Korea (Kim) thinks is wrong.

That is a good rule.

I got this off of Hugh Hewitt. And he wrote a stirling piece that stikes me as on the money.
:: WB 2:13 am [link+] ::
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has notched an important early victory in his campaign against a US initiative to democratise Arab countries, as Washington ally Italy said no solution can be imposed on the region from outside


Who says anyone, US Italy or Oz or other, is going to impose democracy on the MidEast. For cryin' outta loud, the Afghans have got themsleves a consitution, and the Iraqis are about to get one (fingers crossed). Neither was imposed. Both have been enthusiastically created and settled by locals.

The opportunity for both sure did come about by an imposed action - military action by the US and its allies.

But the democracy itself is homegrown.

No doubt about that. And nothing controversial about it either. If Berlusconi notes that democracy needs to be homegrown well, g'uh.

The US initiative aims to encourage democratic and economic reform in the Arab world and other Muslim countries in a bid to deprive international extremists of the reservoir of frustration and poverty they thrive on for support.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which are both allies of the US, have criticised the initiative, fearing Washington wants to impose its own cultural model on the region. Mubarak believes the problems of bringing democracy to a complex region of diverse but interlinked cultures is fraught with problems.

Well, g'uh it is fraught with problems. Jackass leadership in the MidEast for the past, say, thirty years, has let growing numbers of the populations to violently demonstrate against the West, burning flags, and effigies of Western leaders and generally getting completely outta control with the screaming and the jumping, to the point where now a bunch of blokes have confused their disgraceful behaviour over the past 3 decades with some sort of cultural practice.

Welll, it ain't a cultural thing to deny women rights and and jump and scream about killing Westerners.

It is a dirty bad habit.

How do I know it ain't culture.

Well, g'uh, cos the West - continental Europe and a goodly bit of the US and Oz too, used to treat women very poorly and used to be violent societies. And they are way less so now.

Mubarak's wee toury to visit folks is to declare his worry about possible imposed democracy coming to his world. What we can really see, but, is a man who likes his bad habits and does not want to change 'em.

Well, heck. Change is not the end of the world. It is just the end of the bad habits.

And we really need an end to the bad habits.

:: WB 1:51 am [link+] ::
If you put "cows" into the newsnow.co.uk site, look what you learn:

Cows, goats make great gifts


Cows really do come home.


:: WB 1:24 am [link+] ::
Arab Big Brother

Like, O Mi Go', would you not so watch that? Man, I would. Hilarious, I reckon. And educational too. How much tea do Arabs really consume in an average day. What sort of bodies do Arab girlies have under their blankets. Are Arab men actually respectful towards their girlies or not.

Is there a difference in the behaviour of Arab Muslim men and Arab Christian men.

Etc Etc.

Plus there would surely be some very very good lookings folks on that show. So, eye candy, educational, multicultural. What could be betta?

Well, sadly it ain't gonna be coming to a teevee anytime soon cos the mad mullahs of Bahrain (or whatever, Islam First elected officials or something) have caused it be stopped. Apparently they were horrified at the depravity of seeing a Saudi guy running around with glee declaring he had made it into the girlie quarters.

Mahmood in Bahrain has been tracking the developments, and other developments too. Like this nonsense about closing cinemas, and this about introducing Sharia Law to Bahrain, and this about how, if you like cinema and Arab Big Brother and Formula 1 racing and other fun then you must be 'morally corrupt'.

I have done the links with the comments thread so we can enjoy the cut and thrust of thinking in a little bit of Arabia.

Interesting to me is the appearnace of a commenter who takes the line, in essence, that the Islam First guys are not a threat to anyone and if you just talk to them you will see that they are actually great guys and there are not too many of them anyway in the gumment so there is no need to worry about them having real influence.

Mahmood disagrees - he is quietly alarmed about their influence - and I think Mahmood is right.

Letting crazy backwoods folks like Islam Firsters (by which I do not mean all Muslims so do not bother me with wrongheaded emails) just keep on keeping on, without challenging them, without complaining about their backwoodsness, is a blunder.


Cos their agenda is real change for the worst.

Bahrainis are just far away wogs. And nearly every one of them can handle having Arab Big Brother produced in Bahrain and screened there too. Most Arabs in the MidEast can handle the show too. Some will not be able to handle it. There will the traditional embarrassing MidEast riot/demonstration made up of all men, shouting and jumnping, like we see very night on the news (do you turn the volume down, cos I sure do - cannot stand that shouting).

But most are sane. Not nuts.

The nuts ones have to be called out.

And it is naive and misguided to imagine they can be left alone. They are malevolent. They believe in girlies being oppressed and that, readers, is just not on.

End of screed. Mahmood covers it best.

:: WB 1:17 am [link+] ::

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