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:: Monday, 28 March 2005 ::

Blairs celebrate Silver Anniversary

How nice.

Be even nicer if Blair wins gumment again in the upcoming election.

Which might even happen. (Grazie to Norm Geras)

Why? He is not a wog.

More is the pity.

But. I consider his judgement committing troops to join the US in removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, re Iraq, against the quislings in his party and those on the opposition benches, most excellent.

I also consider he presides over a modern England that is drenched in drugs and irresponsibility, as described by Theodore Dalrymple in The Spectator magazine and evidenent in every episode of The Bill, Jack Frost and Dalziel & Pascoe and patently obvious from the works of so many bands, and yes I am thinking of The Prodigy. Or drenched in fool films of the 'Love, actually'.

Urgh. 'Luvvies, actually' more like it.

And no links so do not whine. I can not be asked.

Engerland is also populated by good and great people doing careful excellent work in law, finance, engineering, architecture, design, literature (if you care for that sort of thing).

And gypsies.

Whoa. Hold up there.


Ya. Cyabuhleevi?

So, I would like to see Blair get up so as to smack in the teeth every one of the filthy folks who goes to bed at night believing themselves to be so much closer to God than I, cos they amrched, one foot in front of the other, stompystomp for Saddam Hussein to stay in power in iraq. Which is what they did. No matter how much they bleat that they did want change.

But what about the gysies, eh?

Urgh. How is it possible the nation that gave us Wellington, Churchill and the Lotus Elise should be grappling with the curse of the filthy wagondriving criminal hordes of freeloaders?

Apparently the Tories have made running the Gypsies outta town an election plaform issue. Needless to note The Graudiad does not approve of the Tory position or that taken by the new party Veritas.

And apparently most of the Gypsies are not Romani wogs. But filthy freeloading Irish. (See Harry's comments linked above.)


Whatever will Blair do?

Whatever can the poor man do if he has to fight on the topic of gypsies?

Bring in a law making Wednesday Gypsy Run-amok day?

I care not a whit for the man's foolish religious speech law or his other nanny stateist nonsense that The Spectator always writes about, or persistence in entering the EU common currency - that whole EU thing needs someone to deliver it a raspberry and the Brits are well placed to do it surely, filthy soccer louts - in fact I think in both cases he is profoundly wrong.

But without his return I reckon the Brits will just sink into more 'Shite, Actually' and the loutism will just go on as ever.

Whatever. This post has gone on too long.
:: WB 10:50 pm [link+] ::
Rupert tells me what to think

I agree with all three components of today's editorial in the Oz.

I am obviously a Murdoch minion.

Needless to note, but I will anyway, the SMH editorial is a two part screamer of irrelevance. Part 1 the drummer from a defunct band tops himself in a park. Puhlease. Part 2, Oz is part of ASEAN and should attack Burma willynilly.......zzzzzz.
:: WB 10:33 pm [link+] ::

What am I talking about?

Do not get me wrong. Never met him but Rogel L. Simon, mystery writer is a daily must read for me cos his judgement is always so good.

But how about this post all about new info to do with the oil-For-Food scandal and Kojo Annan's involvement.

Roger gives, as a timeframe, 'early Autumn 2002'. Well, that would be April in the Southern hemisphere or September in the Northern, right? I imagine Roger just preumes Northern, which is unstandable but not forgivable. Just pick a month already.

So which is it?

While the hemispherism offends me, here currently in the better half of the planet where Oz is located, what really gets me is how nothing this 'new' info is.

It seems to me that what we are meant to get excited about is this:

- Kojo Annan meets some French/Nigerian guy July 14, 1998.
- within about 6 weeks the two of them have had a couple of meetings with Iraqi ambassadors - plural, weird - to Nigeria. At these meetings Kojo "presented the business card of Cotecna" - interesting, he did not present himself as a representative of the company, just handed over a card?
- in September Kojo had lunch with his dad, Kofi, and the French/Nigerian guy attended. This was in Sthfreka. Kojo told his dad what he ahd been up to with the French/Nigerian guy, in a business sense natch, presumably to keep dad informed and have approval - or more to the point, no disapproval from dad.
- over the coming 4 years the French/Nigerian guy and Kojo drop out of contact.
- 4 years later - let's go with August 2002 - with the Americans about to slap Iraq upside the head big time in operation Iraqi Freedom, the Iraqi Ambassador - singular this time - to Nigeria makes a surprise call to the FrenchNigerian guy asking about Kojo. And nothing happens.

What is this?

It is a big nothing.

As a taster of delicious scoopy info to come it is not even a palate cleansing sorbet.

It is a gulp full of fresh air.

Did anybody else read that post and think the same as me?

I cannot post at Roger's site, and anyway I do not want to rain on a parade that is only just starting.

Lovelovelove Roger but I really want him to put some meat on these brittle bones.
:: WB 6:26 pm [link+] ::
Wonder what Bilious & Drooble think about this - the silencing of Gay Patriot.
:: WB 6:22 pm [link+] ::
Patronising Black Actor published by Patronising Broadsheet

Apparently Laurence Fishburne, actor ergo wanker, fancies himself a bit Maori looking. And apparently he used to thins Oz folks were a little bit wary about Maoris, but all that changed after the 'lympics.

Or something.

Pointless rubbish slagging Oz of as racist that has nothing to do with the movie Fishburne has recently appeared and that needs publicising.

Fishburne seems an idiot of the highest order. I mean, Maoris are huge. The hakka, or however you spell it, is a war dance. We have all seen 'Once Were Warriors' and it was bloody and violent. And true for a goodly number of folks.

And we have all seen how Maoris, and Tongans and other Islanders get most of the bouncer jobs.

Cos they are huge.

And people are wary of them.


I know actors are not Einsteins but jeepers, Fishburne is in tard territory with this stuff.

But query how passionately he feels about this at all?

I smell a beat up from the SMH's Phillip McCarthy.

Fishburne is made out to be a 'kill kill kill the white man' kinda guy, and Australians are lazily slurred as racists by our Phil who could not even be bothered to refute the lumpen actor's pathetic musings. Or Phil's editor failed to leave it in, if Phil in fact had the nouse.

Either way, yet more pathetic rubbish from the SMH playing to their audience of self-hating 'Oz is a racist nation'luvvies.

Every day a disaster in print.


Speaking of idiot actors, the fabulous Don Cheadle, who can act, as can Laurence Fishburne, has wasted a bunch of space in the Wall Street Journal about US inaction in Darfur.

Well, excqueeze me, you patronising wanker, but it is not down to the US to fix Darfur.

It is down to the bloody Africans.

Just like Bosnia and Kosovo was down to the Europeans.

If Cheadle's point is that Euros and Africans are useless and the UN a joke leaving the US the sole force for good in the world, bearing that heavy burden generally for the better with the result the US can reasonably be called on to act in Darfur, then I cannot see it.

Instead we get treated to a pathetic conflation of African and French perfidy equating to US perfidy.

Just once it would be good to hear someone, even an actor, encourage US activity by complimenting the US. you know, the 'catch more flies with honey' approach.

But heck, who am I kidding. Don Cheadle is an actor.

:: WB 5:43 pm [link+] ::
The Pope is making me sad.

For him.

He is a good man and fading. Hearing him falter then fail to speak for his Easter blessing was really very very upsetting. If my Nonna was alive she would be crying still.

Quite religious, Nonna. And quite the eccentric. Loved to feed her rottweiler - yes -Alberto, whole cow hearts. UP to her armpits in blood as she hacked the things into big bits for Alberto to scoff. laughing gfaily as she did so. Ahhh. I think I have blogged it before. Favorite actor - Victor Mature. Really quite an individual ol blue eyed Nonna Aurora.

But back to the post at hand: Soon there will be plumes of smoke for a new Pope.

Oh dear. I can hardly bare to look.

Thank goodness for William Hill Bookmakers, sensibly declining to open a book on the next Pope. The next man to occupy the seat of Saint Peter. The Son of God's go to guy.

Yep, I am a believer. A very unobservant one in my own life. But I am absoltively posolutely certain that John Paul II is going to heaven.

:: WB 12:46 am [link+] ::
The SMH publishes another press release from visa applicants as 'news'.

Prof Bunyip got them on the last go round with the 104 year ol' Chinese greatgranny who was never going to get deported and who did not get deported but that did not sotp the SMH roneoing off the latest press release from hysteric visa applicant lobbyists.

Path. Etic.
:: WB 12:33 am [link+] ::
Fer Cryin' Outta Loud? Can't these people DOUBT the rubbish they are fed?

Here is the fabulous Cowboy Dan Drezner buying an ACLU press release all dressed up into an unreadable mishmash by the LA Timesof America-bashing about torture and deaths in US custody from Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is the same stuff as was in the NY Times I blogged recently.

And you know what it goes to prove?

It goes to prove the US is investigating the deaths of Iraqis and Afghans in their control and, when criminal homicide occurs, then that is that.

Criminal homicide (and this stupid confused article seems to id only 16 criminal homicdes where the NYT seemed to id 18. But really who knows the writing of these articles is so bad, so awful, so dense, so mired in crapulous spin, that there may well be no crim homicides. For all we know from these examples of press freedom).

Which is different from justifiable homicide.

And different from accident/misadventure.

Once again cos this LA Times piece has not revealed anything new:
The real stats are as follows:
50000 detainees
18 criminal homicides
8 suspected criminal homicides - maybe maybe not
11 justified homicides
28 accidental deaths/natural causes
5 unknown causes of death

So what, I will ask it again, is the freakin' big deal with Dan and Drew Sullivan? Why can't they pull their heads in and focus on the important stuff - not that bad things happen, but that when they do, good things are done about it - like investigations.

:: WB 12:03 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 27 March 2005 ::
US prisons account for 25% of global prison population? Wha'?

I am calling bullshit on that stat, which is swallowed like a half glug of jizz by the SMH's Jackie Chowns, one of a stable of teevee reviewers for that rag, based on nothing more than the screenplay of the HBO show 'Oz'.

'Oz' is all about prison stuff. Natch they'll latch on to any rude stat they can get their hands on - for the show. (Do not get me wrong - I am a big big fan of Levinson from Diner which is a perfect film and Homicide which was perfect except for Yaphet Kotto who just cannot act, and who has a speech impediment to boot. But I got no time for poverblown stuff and this review sums up 'Oz' for me.)

Anyhoo, Googling this has been a most interesting exercise cos there is not a lot out there that is current, that I can find anyways. I found this from the BBC that states baldly that the US prison propulation accounts for 25% of the world's prison population.

But it is from 2000.

And more importantly it is from the BBC.

Like, zif they could write anything accurate.


So keeping on with the looking looking, I found this from some UK Home Office guy writing for the UN from 2003.

And sure nuff, check it out:
Over 9 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world, mostly as pre-trial detainees (remand prisoners) or having been convicted and sentenced. About half of the these are in the US (2.03m) Russia (0.81m) and China (1.51m plus pre-trial detainees and prisoners in 'adminstrative detention'.

Interesting, eh?

First off, if you read the link you will see Iraq, Afghanistan and, get this, Peoples Republic of North Korea are not included in the 9 million.

Whatdyareckon North Korea might substantially increase the figure, eh?

Ya. Me too.

And notice how the the UN supplies a bunch of the figures.

Well, the UN is rather like the BBC don'tchathink? A big fat bureacracy accountable to no-one but very much on the nose for its inaccuracies of late, at least in the counting department - counting oil-for-food contributions, that is.


The US figure is for prisoners on remand and imprisoned following sentencing.

That Chinese figure is for sentenced folks only.

And it comes from some thingcalled the National Prison Association Annual Conference. Query how accurate it can be. But do not query that if it is inaccurate it is because it is on the low side.

I mean. C'mon.

1.51m in prison in China following sentencing. Ahem, how about that 'administrative detention' for which read 'labour camp' or 'reeducation camp' or whatever? You think in a population of about 1.3 BILLION maybe they might have mere half mill locked up someplace?

Maybe awaiting trial?

And maybe awaiting execution? Amemba China does like the mass executions. Keeps the prison population manageable, presumably.

Whatever the numbers, to baldy remark that the US has a quarter of the world's prison population, without noting that figures are unreliable cos they leave out the world's most notorious incarcerating countries and the habit of the world's most populous nation to detain folks outside of formal sentencing and the are not accurate anyway, is just an exercise in lazy Anti-US presumptions.

I am well aware that Jackie Chown's job is not to educate us about prison populations.

But it would be good if, as a teevee reviewer, she had enough nouse in her head, or her editors had enough nouse if Jackie actually did find out the same stuff I did but her editors spiked it, to question the figures presented to her by a teevee entertainment show.

Lord Jeebus on a Stick. How is it possible for so much bullshit to fly round the globe and always, but always, land on my coffee table at some point during the week.

:: WB 10:55 pm [link+] ::
Quick Posting of Stuff

Terrific sarcasm from the Big Pharoah.

First Schiavo joke I have seen. And it is a good one. From Harry Hutton.

More torture hysteria, this time from Dan Drezner, who suffers Sullivan Syndrome - the a habit of over stating the prevalence of torture, believing shite like the New York and LA Times. I think I will blog on this one further later.

Mahmood gets Juan Coled. And he gots an apology. But Juan Cole stealth edits his site instead of candidly updating it to be transparent about his error. Guy is a jerk. Who cares if he speaks Arabic, eh? Still a jerk.

Later doodles.
:: WB 4:47 pm [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 26 March 2005 ::
What is with this skippy game of "it"?

I have been tagged by new kid blogger extraordinaire Shell's Bells Horton.

You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?
What kinda question is this? Gi. Fa.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Wha'? Oh. Okaay. Santino "Sonny" Corleone in Mario Puzo's "The Godfather". Typical, right?

The last book you bought is:
Dan Brown's Angels & Demons or whatever. A rollicking good read up until the gratuitous slag of the superpriest. Coulda ended with the priest being the good guy. But noooo. Ol' Dan just had to slag off the best church of all. Still, fantastic descriptions of Castel Sant'Angelo, one of my favorite spots in Rome, which is filled with top spots.

O, while I am reminded, Happy Easter to all.

The last book you read:
Like cover to cover? The last one I bought, of course. What IS this?

What are you currently reading?
A book about Engerland. None of your business why.

Five books you would take to a deserted island.
Enciclopedia Italiana, for the truth about the world.
Encyclopaedia Brittanica the pages of which are very fine and gentle.
The collected Newgate Prison Calendar - big books of footpads, sneakthieves, brigands, bounders, cads, higwaymen, confidence tricksters, bodysnatchers, vouchsafers, filchers, welchers, bandits, idlers, purloiners, Greeks, rustlers, pirates and usurers. You know the types. Entertaining at a distance.
Italo Calvino's Book of Italian Fairy Tales cos on a island you will prolly need some dreams to keep you sane.
Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe cos on an island you will prolly need some nightmares to stop you walking into the woods at night where the talking ravens are.
Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron cos I have not got around to it yet and my Pa always reckoned it was tops.

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
Jihadpundit for wogness.
Chrenkoff for wogness, what are you blind?
Drooble. Cos he's gay, alright. We cannot all be wogs.

:: WB 11:07 pm [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 22 March 2005 ::
A Late Vale

The Finest Irishman
:: WB 4:08 am [link+] ::
"Authorities are still trying to figure out where the cows came from."

Brilliant writing.
:: WB 3:57 am [link+] ::
If You're Gonna Be A Bear, Be A Grizzly

Fabulous thinker Wretchard has identified just what is wrong with Kofi Annan's proposal for reform of the UN.

It is wholly based upon the following world view:

Wogs can never be anything other than shitful, so it is best to try to buy them off.

In this context I am using 'wogs' to mean folks who come from nations not recognised as being 'civilised' - which is basically every nation whose folks flee in huge numbers and seek asylum (whether for real or to disguise the fact they just want better economic opportunities elsewhere - the key is the argument that asylum is needed, not just economic in-search-of movement).

Kofi wants to take a bunch of cash off the rich civilised nations to stop the wogs behaving badly, all administered by the UN bureaucracy, natch. And there is a pat pat on the head for some wogs to get on to the Security Council a bit.

For mine Kofi Annan is a major impediment to reform of the UN - not cos he does not get that it needs change. He does get that and I believe he is sincere in wanting the change.

He is an impediment, but, cos he cannot fathom of a radical change - a genuine smack to regimes that are troublemakers.

I get back to mafia again - everything gets back to Italy, it is just the rockingest country - mafia is a tiny subset of lousiness in a sea of good people. Crap countries do not exist - crap regimes lording it over a sea of good people do exist.

Exhibit A - Iraq - crap regime now defunct thanks very much USAUKOzItalyet al
Exhibit A - Afghanistan - as above
etc etc maybe even including the Palestinians, although I think they are the exception that proves the rule - they are all just crap people who love violence - and I will keep thinking that til they get themselves an opposition that actually stands up and descries the HamAsses in their midst...still, it took Iraqis a while to grow the balls to decry their violent jackasses, so maybe a little charity from me to the Palestinians would not go astray.


So what would a grizzly do?

Jeez, put me on the spot whydon'tcha.

Alright, this grizzly would prolly start by implementing the rule that says every nation must be represented. Every nation must pay for its own representatives. There must be 2 representatives for each nation - a man and a woman. No representation is allowed for nations that do not give women the vote. No veils are allowed on women at all under any circumstances.

No more motions in the General Assembly about Israel for a period of 5 years.

Hezbollah, HamAss, Islamic Jihad, Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine, IRA, FARC, MILF, Enigmatic Subcomandante Marcos and his Mexican Loser Crew ("we demand the right not to wear shoes" I shit you not, crazy wogs) - all terrorists.

No UN funding for terrorists.

No UN funding for reports or remarks that conclude 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'.

Compulsory UN military contributions in personnel, materiel or cash or a combo of all three. Means tested per country.

Allocation of military per Security Council resolution.

French permitted to stay on Security Council and even to veto resolutions, but French presence and veto to have no effect at all.

Italy to sit on Security Council. Italy to have deciding vote on all Security Council resolutions.

Brazil not permitted to have a vote anywhere. Same goes for Greece.

Live rounds and shoot to kill authorisation when UN forces encounter terrorists.

Live rounds and shoot to kill authorisation for UN forces encountering other UN forces behaving like terrorists or jackass abusers.

Annual audits of UN accounts. Published on the Internets.

All travel and ccommodation expenses of reps to be signed off by Kofi personally.

No laptops, no desktops. Just Blackberry PDAs. All emails 3 lines or less.

All printing to be done on extreme paper-save setting, two pages a side, both sides.

Orunno what else. Sheesh.

It ain't so easy. You try.
:: WB 2:33 am [link+] ::
Absolutement Fantastique
:: WB 2:25 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 19 March 2005 ::
Oz is Better than UK

How come?

Cos of the ads of course. Pacifically the Turkish Delight ad that used to play on Oz teevees hundreds of years ago.

Amemba? I cannot find pictures....cos I have not bothered to look.

Butchooamemba. Straightlaced skippies would take a bite of Fry's Turkish Delight (I think it was Fry's in Oz. Whatever.) and then start belly dancing all happy and stuff. With the rhythm and the cymbals and stuff?

Amemba? Funny.

Happy happy skippies and wogs. Wobbling their guts together.


Why am I mentioning this? Cos I found this Julie Burchill piece and she writes:

I feel very English as a rule, but a few things about my people never fail to amaze, even alarm, me. And one of them is the rather overheated and unwholesome relationship between certain British men and Arab culture. From the most Establishment - Prince Charles, who has asked the chairman of the Imams and Mosques Council to his "close friends only" wedding next month - to the most anti-Establishment - Livingstone - a particular type of Englishman seems to have a chronic, collective, schoolboy crush on big scary Arab men that can be traced all the way back to T.E. Lawrence. This may well be a low blow - but what else could possibly explain the ceaseless, irrational habit of favoring filthy rich Arab dictatorships over the ever-struggling, always democratic State of Israel?

I blame the subliminal power of advertising. All through the '70s and '80s and right into the '90s, one of the most popular of all British TV adverts was that of Fry's Turkish Delight, during which, in various permutations, a doe-eyed white woman welcomed a suave dish-dosh-wearing bit of rough into her tent, there to share said gooey pink substance with him. Who's to say that Prince Charles and Red Ken, along with Vanessa Redgrave, George Galloway and the other British Islam-groupies weren't swept off their feet by this flamboyant display of concupiscence? Of course, even before the Turkish Delight chick commenced to fill her boots on prime-time TV, Westerners were tripping on the idea of the noble-savage-sheikh who would free them of all their uptight Judaeo-Christian hang-ups.

Noble sheikhs and swooning sheilas? Tents?

Pfff. That would not be funny. That would just emasculate the whitebread skippies leaving the girlies alone interested in Fry's Turkish delight.

Sack that ad department.

What you want is for everyone to like Turkish Delight.

For everyone to like turks. Arabs. Whatever.

Chubby Arabs/Turks and whitebread skippies wobbling their guts. With the little cymbals. Deeply daggy and cool all at once. And funny. fun. Nice. Harmonious. Embracing. Sweet. Drizzled in delicious milky cho...


I think I had a point to make about how Oz is better than Britain when it comes to race stuff and partly this is cos of the ad.

But I totally have to get going to the shops to get me some Turkish Delight, alright?

Youse can put two spoonfulls of rose water and two spoonfulls of castor sugar together and make your own point about all the above, cantcha?

Out til next weekend - tanto tanto lavoro.


Mi dispiace.

A la prossima.

(Got to Burchill off Eric the Unread. Cool named blog.)
:: WB 9:59 pm [link+] ::
It has proved possible for Sicily to shake Mafia terror.

It has. That article is 10 years old. Siciliy is doing alright thank you very much.

If Sicily can do it - and they had 'outside' help from judges from the North - then it must be possible for other folks to do it too.

Like Zimbabweans - and to prove my point they are shouting 'Basta' (Zvakwana).

And Irish - them McCartney sisters and the partner girlie of the bloke who was slaughtered, are declaring their own 'Basta' from IRA terror, with plenty support.

The Lebs have been doing it since Hariri got killed.

Superhardcase Iraqis have had a hand from a coalition of willing countries and they are working on a new dawn themselves right now. I mean, getting Saddam off them, and stupid Arab terrorists too is like cutting a leech off an ankle. There's gonna be blood and scar cos the leech is in deep.

It is possible to change for the better. And the folks who seek change for the better need support. Even if it just a little blog support.

Cos one of the best ways to achieve change is to start marginalising the mafia types in your midst.

As the PM has done with Gerry Adams of the IRA. Yes, of the IRA. Sin Fein same thing.

Lord knows these folks do not like to see change for the better.

By their measure not even Sicilians deserved support for their 'Basta'.

Everything has to be homegrown, internal, no US, no anything. A Chocolate covered fantasy world of rubbish.

They should rename that site: www.saddamwasnotsobad.org.uk.

Or maybe: wogsdonotdeservethesamerightsasus.org.uk


:: WB 3:55 pm [link+] ::
"Insiders" Today

Mike Seccombe, smirking wanker who is wrong about everything, predicts Costello will face real heat and the economy will slide into recession or something like it.

Whoo-hoo, good times ahead. You can bet on it with the Reverse Seccombe Rule.

Mischa Schubert, insufferable girlie wanker who believes compulsory student unionism is good cos of critical student services, like counselling.

Get. Far. Away. Counselling? Union dues are used for stupid things like crap bands in the quad, stupid art in the gallery, some good record libraries, maybe a counsellor session for some body some time, unlistenable and unwatchable productions of 'Orpheus in the Underworld', Uni reviews where the participants always think they are funnier than they really are.

Glenn Milne, token righty for the day but he's no Bolt or Akerman - and he's barely a third of a Farr - says the whole Spewnie voluntary student unionism is actually an attack on student activism, and nothing to do with freedom to avoid being a union.

Shut Up, Little Man.

It is not like Spewnie is or should be the Godsend for Students, where all their dreams can come true on everybodies money and eveyrthing is chocolate covered and golden all day.

We are talking about students here. Okay? Most of them just wanna get laid. And the counsellor ain't paid to put out, alright? But there is a big group of them that are useless wankers who love to suck up free cash and use it for stupdities.

IThis whole Howard government student union thing is not a conspiracy to get rid of compulsory student union dues.

It is a straight up attempt to get of something sompulsory that should not be compuslory.

Why is Swenie a compulsory and closed shop?

Why can't student's decide whether they feel like paying or not? I would not have paid a penny except to keep the records library open. But others would have paid for that and more. What's the matter with that?

What is the matter with that?

Nothing good has come out of student dues, okay? Lots of stuff is created, do not get me wrong. But very very little of it is good, okay? It is nearly all profoundly ordinary.

Givyanzample. Barrie Kosky. Top bloke. Opera director, of all things. Made the most godawful production of 'Orpheus in the Underworld' at Melbourne Uni in the 1980s.

Like O Mi Go My Eyes My Ears This Is Horrible. Cats dragging their nails down blackboards taped to your own ears. From this low low bar ceated with student union money he got the chance to build a career producing other unwatchable stuff.

Yeah, good for him.

He got to make it big in the arts world off my union dues in part. Plus my ticket price to the show. He hit me up two times, the bastard. Second time I volunteered. No problems with that - and I hope he is grateful.

But. Would I have elected to pay a penny towards his production of 'Orpheus' if I had been asked whether or not I would like to pay union dues into which Barrie could dip his arty mits?

I would not have elected to pay. Thank you very much but no thank you.

Well, of course not. I mean why would I? Is the student union going to organise some shows by Italian band Balanco with the fabulously named Mariella Carbonara up front? Na fer sure.

Are they going to have to have spaghetti eating competition in the quad? You mental?

Is the counsellor going to be available to explain why it is okay to love Alfa Romeos even though they are front-wheel drive? Ah, what's a Affaromo?


Student union dues are all about left-wing skippy whitebread rubbish.

And student union administrators will always arrange another afternoon of Ed Keupper in the quad driving us all to consider suicide. Another curated gallery exhibition with, ya know, plates stacked on top of one another, or some such rubbish, called "Howard's Junta", you know the kind of thing. And another counselling session .... how the fuck should I know? Wogs don't do counselling. Not real wogs anyway. We got cousins for that.

Cos they are invariably left wing wankers.

Cripes, ya know? I have not pondered my Spewnie life for some time. And now I am doing so it is a wonder I got out of there with any shred of wogness left in me.

If a single journo can find a single wog - a real wog I mean - to declare compulsory student union dues and membership to be a good thing, with supporting reasons that are not left-wing malarkey, I will reconsider my position.

Until then but, all youse students can keep on doing what you are doing. Pay or do not pay. I do not care. Just try not to be a bunch of pecoroni okay?
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What is this? Some sort of 'Poetry Day'?

Tim Blair reveals his unique sensitivities as a youth in verse.

And Harold Pinter ... let's rip with his unique world view(via Harry).

For sure Blair is funnier. I mean, Pinter is completely unhinged, no? It is wrong to laugh at the craazies, right?

...spit, chuckle, guffaw.

UPDATE: Normblog, now linked cos it is good and I am remiss in not linking before, also does some peotry.
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Gi Fa.

'ken Arab Press.

:: WB 12:46 am [link+] ::
Little man, What Now?

Is a new daily read favorite blog. Linky love added to the snaggle toothed Brit Blogs at left. What for? For the cat and dog fight pic and the lobster thing.
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Slamming Juan Cole

And this Pathetic Excuse for an Arab Academic.

Both the Professor of Pessimism and Fatuuous Ass of Araby is a tremendous service to mankind cos they are frankly both such turds. One delights in mocking Iraqis and the other declares Lebs who want democracy must just be bourgeois Christian scum.

Re The AssMan, one thing to notice but, which is wholly indicative of his attitude to life - he has not got a single link on his site to another blogger.

Ungenerous. An Arab Ward Churchill - wrongheaded and a cunt of a bloke.
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:: Friday, 18 March 2005 ::
Andrew Sullivan gets it wrong about torture. Again.

He flagrantly states that there have been 26 criminal homicides committed in US custody. He relies on the New York Times to support his case. (Note: bugmenot.com if you have to log in, but I did not have to. Sometimes I do, but. Whatever.)

He is wrong. The NYT article reports 18 criminal homicides only.

To be fair to Sullivan, the NYT article is an almost impenetrable load of shite put together in as elliptical a fashion as possible so as to pad out what is basically yet another ACLU press release.

That accounts for the confusion. In one section we read about 18 criminal homicides. In another we read 24. I will take the lower figure every time since I know the NYT is full of shit and will spin this stuff as bad as it can. Deliberately. I mean it. Read that article and try to make head or tail of it as written. It has to be ripped apart and put back together again to make sense and to disclose real information.

Pathetic dissembling.

The real stats are as follows:
50000 detainees
18 criminal homicides
8 suspected criminal homicides - maybe maybe not
11 justified homicides
28 accidental deaths/natural causes
5 unknown causes of death

Even if you say the unknown and suspected stuff is criminal homicide it is still less than justifiable and accidental/natural deaths.

The NYT headline hedges its bets.

Sullivan does not hedge his.

Cos he is jerk about this issue.

And no it is not the common conservative response to decry torture and say it all happened one night in Abu Ghraib.

The true conservative position is that real torture by US troops is rare as hen's teeth and is investigated and not to be confused with humiliation. Which is not torture.

Why do I get so exercised about Sullivan? Cos he should be better than this.
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:: Wednesday, 16 March 2005 ::
No More Crap Bands in the Quad at Lunchtime, No More Inscrutable Wankery On Display In The Student "Art Gallery" Act 2005

Whoo Hoo. Voluntary Student Unionism = very little student unionism. And today it has been banned.

That is objectively a good thing. Cannot find a link cos of this stupid Mac Safari bloody rubbish Mac, urgh, muthering...heck.
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Hey, Lebbo, Lebbo-Lebbo Feast, babaa, mbabaa, Lebbo, Lebbo-Lebbo Feast...

I could go on all night.

Orunno why, but I always end up doing the Malcolm McLaren Soweto sound thing when I think of Lebs.

And who among us has not bin thinking of Lebs lately, eh?

Loving Khalil at the JihadPundit. Linky at left.

Top wog (even if he is completely misguided about Italy's unspecified reduction of troops from September).

UPDATE: which is so unspecified it is not even going to happen. Take that.

And loving Tony at Across the Bay. Dunno is he is a Lebanese gent himself but he sure posts top stuff. I am figuring 'Tony' is wog. Is good.
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:: Friday, 11 March 2005 ::
Lebbo Politics Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, courtesy of the Head Heeb.

Great work.
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Juan Cole - Not Subtle. Just Incompetent.

And Bfugly too. In my opinion, of course. You may disagree. You would be objectively wrong, but whatever.

He writes, cursing the main stream media who dare to ignore the Kurds and Shia getting it together in Iraq, preferring to focus upon the plasticsurgeryfreakkiddiediddlermaybemaybenotwhocareshe'sjustafreak-show that is Michael Jackson and his trail.

Except, natch, Cole, who is Professor of Ignorance and Pessimism at UM (University of MyLordIamaveryunattractiveman)is completely and utterly wrong, as a simple Thurs 10 Mar search on NewsNow shows.

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:: Monday, 7 March 2005 ::
Upgraded...for Smoking

I reckon this could be only time in recorded history that a smoker gets the suite whlie the wowser non-smokers get to wallow on floors 10 and less.

I am in a suite and, get this, the bath is in the middle.

It is filling as I type.

Anyhoo, dunno what I think of the whole Guiliana Sgrena mess. Ya for sure she is a turdy commie pain in the arse, no doubt, but she got kidnapped by violent jackasses, held for a month against her will - nobody can will that, surely - and a man who saved her died in her arms in a car getting shot at by American troops only minutes away from Baghdad airport.

She is not an impartial person and I do not believe her judgement - lousy before hand since she lerv lerved her "brave Iraqi resistance of kidnapping filth" - could possibly be reliable now.

So I do not care to listen to her and I do not believe she was targetted - I will be appalled if she was.

I want to hear from other folks.

But one of the other folks is dead cos of shots fired by Yanks.

And that is a fact.

Joy nails the awfulness of this and the real need for the Americans to get it together to treat Italy with care and respect as a result of this awfulness. Her tone is perfect.

Italy does not need another whitewashy investigation that absolves the Yanks from all responsibility, just like that plane flyign through the cable holding up the cable car incident in Aviano a whlie back, amemba?

You gotta treat your allies right.
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:: Wednesday, 2 March 2005 ::
What a toxic little wog, eh?

She is 16 and she is all over the BBC World news this morning.

She is in Engerland.

Her high school had a uniform code that allowed Muslim girls to wear their ridiculous sack pants and sack headcloths (no, I have no respect for this rubbish - it is man-made up "religious" blather to oppress women. Full stop. End of story. No faith. No nothing. It is not in the Koran. It is not in the Hadiths, or whatever they are called. It sprang fully deformed from the craazy too-tight-turbanned head of Ayatollah Khomenei in Iran to "liberate women" from craazy irresponsible men who could not be bothered to control their own lust, where "liberate" is pronounced "cover yourself slut, or I shall kill you where you stand".)

She thinks she is closer to God than other Muslim 16 year olds who do not cover their bodies with blankets and headsacks.

Either that or she is worried her brothers will beat the crap out of her if anything more than her hands are showing, cos that would make her a slutwhorehookerslut - so she pretends she is closer to God to avoid the beating. And I guess I should not blame her for that fear - but really, she has balls. She's a brave strong willed girl. Pity her will is so medieval.

And, natch, she couches the whole "ordeal" in terms of "Muslim oppression" post-September 11, which was, just to remind her, committed by Muslims. Applauded by Muslims. And has never ever been denounced fully by Muslims (unsurprising, since they are not a block, but if ever there was time for a bit of Pan-Arabism/Muslim Unity September 12 was it, eh?)

She wants to be a doctor.

Good luck to any of her girlie patients:

Muslim Patient : I am here for a prescription for the pill. My periods sare really bad and I want to control them better.

Dr Begum: No prescription for you slutwhore. I can see your hair and throat and ankles and maybe even your midriff and knees. I shall be calling your brother and father to kill you since it is apparent to me that all you want to do is shag non-Muslims all day. Liar about your period.

She chooses to be oppressed and she has fought for the right to be oppressed.

And she has won on a technicality and thinks it a victory for every 16 year old-Muslim girl in Engerland....to be oppressed.

Way to go, Shabina.

You have just given Muslim fathers and brothers across the UK the right to force their daughters and sisters into your ridiculous dress code of revolting shapeless coats and curtains on your head and throat.

And you have just removed any ability for school to be a sanctuary - if only for 6 hours a day - from backwards chauvanist misogynist male-Muslim oppression of Muslim women.

Proud of yourself?

Yes, will be the answer, more's the pity.

Cherie Blair QC did the legals too, you'll note. She a feminist like Anne Summers.

Niice. Not.

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:: Tuesday, 1 March 2005 ::
More hysteria from Sullivan on torture

This time sliming Chrenkoff, who bothers to respond, good on him.

Arthur Chenkoff!


Only problem is that some of Chrenk's commenters use Sullivan gayness as a stick to beat him with - which is not on.

There are some fundamentals in life ya know?

Dont' hate folks cos they are old or young.

Don't hate folks cos they are a different race or religion.

Don't hate the poofs and lezzos and other folks with different sexual orientations except for the peadophiles who you can hate as much as you like cos it is just wrong wrong wrong to your dick in a kiddie. Just wrong. And it is wrong to put your dick in an animal and into a dead body. Sheesh. This list is getting long, eh? What about food? Urgh.



Pardon me. I just revolted myself imagining a beautiful timballo getting.....well, laid.

Yetchttt, spit! Orgh.


Trouble with Sullivan is that he does rabbit on and on about the end of the world because some US folks have engaged in deadly actions against detainees captured in Iraq and elsewhere. He extrapolates that US government is at fault and whines about lack of moral standing.

He is a hysteric. He might be a poof, but he is a hysteric on torture. And his hysteria is fair game to complain about.

Nothing else.
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Wanna read up more about this US Supreme Court decision

But I am inclined to extreme annoyance whenever I read an Oz judgement that relies on 'international law'- treaties and such.

See I had the misfortune of being lectured by Hillary Charlesworth, whatever the spelling, in international law at Spewnie. What a prize waste of time. She is such a lightweight - and no, I do not care about her writings and awards and her travel and speaking engagements. I write about law and do speaking on law too. I can tell ya, it is so not a big deal. All ya gotta is stand still and speak. And tappy tappy the words, ya know?

Anyhoo, burned me for life that class. It was the only stupid wet non-black-letter-law class I took. International law is the law you have when you do not actually want to take any responsibility for making law.

All children will get hugs.

There you go - I just made a International Law. Of Children's Rights.

Niice, huh?

Oz law is substantial. It is not to be ignored just cos some judge feels like it. Same for US yeah?

Amemba the Oz free speech cases? Apparently, hidden in our Constitution is a right of free political speech to advance the political process and engage the population.

And this grand theory, which is just shite (but do not get me wrong I kinda like it) was based heavily on the US case NY Times v Sullivan. No links, too much of a hurry. Anyhoo, you can take your US jurisprudence and pretty much shove it, as far as I am concerned. Love for US and all that. But really, Oz can manage its cases on its own. And we got a little precedent line taking us back to the UK, which is way better for us for the time being. 'Cept for their stupid EU treaties about human rights and blah blah.

Urgh. So many caveats.

It should not be for the High Court to make up law it feels like based on outside jurisprudence. It shouold be fore the Law Refrom Commission to actually do something useful for a chance and make a proper system for defamation that balances free expression to some extent.

Which our Commonwealth Att-General is wanting to do over much squealing from wasteful State's Atts-General.

Like I said, I gotta do some more thinking about this. But I do reckon International law is a joke.

:: WB 1:35 pm [link+] ::
Habib Sues for Defamation

He is suing for injury to his reputation.

His reputation as a malingering disability pension abuser hysteric terrorist and terrorist sympathiser who sponges of the gumment and makes his wife wear a blanket on her head and will get his youngest son to slaughter his daughter if she ever goes out with a skippy.

Ya, that reputation.

Apparently it can be injured.

Stephen Hopper is one lousy lawyer, isn't he? If he worked for me I would sack him. The deal with defamation is that it is the reputation you actually have that has to be injured.

Not the one you think you have.

I was introduced to the Daily Tele lawyer very recently. She is a honey and I reckon I might volunteer to help 'em out.

This is a disgrsaceful use of Oz courts.

And no, it is not yet more evidence of 'egregious Oz defamation law'. The law is fine.

It is the lawyers and the terrorists that suck.

Mamdouh Habib's reputation is injured. Puhlease.
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